Militarism on the move


The pro basketball Toronto Raptors arrived just in time for Military Sunday, the Stupor Bowl where  this Sunday once again Americans will honour those brave men and women who are keeping them safe and out of harm’s way..

There they were 2 nights ago,the Raps, dressed up in military camouflage gear for the 7th straight homage to the men and women of the Canadian Forces..

What a crock.The most violent terrorists in the Middle East have been the American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan And Canada one step behind.

And who knew? Since I do not follow basketball I had no idea that this militarism had leached its way into our Canadian culture.I just caught  the camouflage  clip on the sports news. Maybe the Leafs should be suiting up as well.Oh yeah, I forgot they salute troops before every game. How about teachers, social workers,nurses etc?
Maybe the Raptors should show that awful movie hymn to violence The Sniper before the next game.

What a trifecta.Drive along The Highway of Heroes which used to be called the 401, catch the Sniper film, a hosannah to a psychopath and then cheer on the boys in camouflage.

O tempora, o mores!



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    The militarization of our society is A very serious matter.
    The vast majority of Canadians will not see anything on the problem with this. Since it is so much part of the American culture which has seeped into our culture over the last 50 years I doubt there are many Canadians that are concerned about it.

    It is only when you do some serious study and you discover how serious this matter is that you begin to wonder. Canadians will soon find out that security will be extremely expensive. We have already discovered that our soldiers have come home from war, yet the real cost of the war has mentally brought them down .

    “It’ll be a great day when our military holds bake sales…..”
    This is all about a complete lack of critical thinking!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Incidentally, although the rumour had wide circulation- it is not true that Pope Francis’ hotline to the Toronto diocese was through Ted Schmidt; but there is truth to the rumour he is cetainly ignoring his highly overrated prelate of that jurisdiction!

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