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Heather Eaton and Pope Francis on The Current

January 5, 2015


Anna Maria Tremonte on the CBC ‘s The Current this morning had a segement on Pope Francis and his increasing demands on the faithful to get moving on the greatest moral challenge of our time: climate justice.
Heather Eaton a Catholic ecologian on the staff of St.Paul’s in Ottawa responded by saying this new encyclical gives direction to the whole  Catholic world, and is expected to be taken seriously by all Catholics. “This is the first pope who has taken the environment seriously.”
The RC church according to Eaton has lost credibility in the last few decades with its obsession on sexuality and its abysmal record on women.Lots of Catholics have been engaged in these issues for deades and this forces clergy to be more serious about this vital issue.
Increasingly people are seeing 3 things—the natural world has always figured in the human imagination on what we consider to be sacred—teachinga on creation had been abandoned in Christian traditions  are now being revived so people are realizing that God is part of this and destruction of the planet cannot be part of God’s plan and thirdly morals, values and ethics are related to what’s happening to climate change.
The dilemma—the JP ll/Ratzinger bishops have been nowhere on this issue.They have been hamstrung on  ‘pelvic morality” an area they know little about. As former Ireland  president Mary Macaleese famously said on the bishop’s wisdom on family morality and sexuality: “How many have changed a nappy(diaper)?”

What will they do when Il Papa tells them: Get moving!

We understand

January 3, 2015