Dual loyalties Israel and US


American Jews have always been sensitive about “dual loyalties”. They want to be be seen as loyal to the US but many go overboard and support Israel no matter what. Jews used to ask the fundamental question: is this good for Jews. The question should be what country are you a citizen of.

American Jews increasingly are asking is this good for America’s place in the world. The answer of course is no. Because of the unblinkered support for Israel America is despised in the Arab world. Many sensitive American Jews get this and latterly have become aware of the issue of “dual loyalties.” They realized that the price of citizenship is exclusive allegiance. Now what about the terrible influence AIPAC has on US foreign policy.Is AIPAC working on behalf of a foreign government? I believe so, Many in the US government have had very close ties with Israel and they exert their influence in this direction.
Remember the shocking case of the racist dual citizen Meir Kahane, who founded theJewish Defense League in the U.S. in the 1960s. He then emigrated to Israel where, eventually, he was elected to the Knesset. Until he was shot and killed in 1990, the Brooklyn-born rabbi shuttled between Tel Aviv and New York, where he recruited militant American Jews for his activities in Israel against Palestinians. He claimed to be a “dual citizen” of America and Israel.
Now it has come to light that More than 90 percent of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection funds have come from the United States

Of the total contributions of nearly $259,000 — slightly over 1 million shekels — about $237,000 came from American donors, according to records made public by Israel’s State Comptroller.

Three wealthy families donated about half the amount from the Americans.

Israeli politicians may accept a maximum donation of about $11,500. The three families are the Falics of Florida, owners of the Duty Free Americas stores found in airports; the Books of New Jersey, owners of Jet Support Services, Inc.; and the Schottensteins of Ohio, owners of the American Eagle clothing chain.

Others who donated the maximum amount included Shlomo Reichnitz of Los Angeles, Richard Heideman of Bethesda, Maryland, David Simon of Indiana and John Kruger of New Jersey, according to the comptroller’s records.Most of the donations came in the last two months of 2014.


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    mushafta Says:

    It is my sincerest hope on March 17 the people of Israel will deliver a ckear message to Netanyahu.
    Justice has to be served!

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