Catholic Teachers Justice Winners “kettled” at AGM

Guest editorial

by Giuseppe Spadafora

Toronto Putz

photo 3 copy

Table 15 “kettled” Gary Connoly, Ted Schmidt, Bill Heffernan, Dwyer Sullivan

(picture David Szollosy)

In a shocking move reporters called “kettling” honored social justice award winners of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association were literally” kettled” at separate table 15 at the organization’s AGM banquet on Sunday March 15
This was vigorously denied by outgoing president Shlomo Ryan.
“No truth to the rumour that we wanted to keep you apart from the young membership,” Ryan averred.
He was challenged by Gary Connoly, last year’s winner of the highest OECTA Award the Marion Tyrrel Award who pointed out that former OECTA president Kevin O’Dwyer was placed next to Schmidt at the table. A former student of Schmidt a 1991 Tyrrel Award recipient, O’Dwyer became notorious for resisting ecclesial pressure and allowing Catholic schools to call gay lesbian clubs by whatever name they wished.
2006 Tyrrel Award winner Dwyer Sullivan challenged Shlomo Ryan.
“Come on,Ryan. You know you took the “kettling” playbook from the Israeli Defense Force who has trained several US police forces in the art of penning people up under surveillance. We saw this just recently in Feguson, Missouri. Your strategy was obvious to all of us.”
Billy Heffernan the Fintan Kilbride Award for social justice in 2014 added “The shocking to us kettlers was to see most of the award winners were not classroom teachers and that nobody was nominated this year for the Kilbride Award. Are there no teachers challenging the system anymore?”
The final proof that the social justice winners were segregated was that 2013 Kilbride Award winner David Szollosy rushed over to take this picture.
Finally Ryan vigorously denied that the Cardinal raced from the banquet when Jeff Heximer a retired OECTA negotiator mentioned Ted and Don Schmidt in his remarks.
Overall the “kettling” incident was a step backward for the Catholic teachers of Ontario.


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  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    By the looks of things Ted, you thoroughly enjoyed the evening!
    I am happy for you and glad to know the work you have done over the years has been appreciated and recognized. Over all the years I’ve known you- you’ve never lost your focus, your zeal and your overwhelming love of justice for all. You’re a real Neiler Ted!

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