Uppity Irish woman challenges Pope Francis


Pope Francis is holding women back due to misogyny, former Irish president Mary McAleese has warned.

Pope Francis has been very vocal about the baptized speaking candidly both in an out of synods. For the time being it appears that the sycophants are out of step.In Canada we have one notorious priest known as the chameleon who now has reinvented himself to be on the same wave length as the Pope.Previously he was a cheerleader for conservative reaction to Vatican ll.But I digress.

Reminded me of W.H.Auden’s Unknown Citizen

Our researchers into Public Opinion are content

That he held the proper opinions for the time of year;

When there was peace, he was for peace: when there was war, he went.
Recently the very bright former president of Ireland Mary Mcaleese took Pope Francis to the woodshed and called him out on his regressive attitude to women.

Pope Francis is holding women back due to misogyny, she warned.

She referred to his “blindness hat comes from a kind of a priestly formation that leaves so many good, decent, gentlemanly men like Francis still carrying an element, a residual element, of misogyny that closes them off to the dangers of not dealing with these issues,”.

Dead on.

Francis seems blinkered or rather chained to an outmoded but understandable protocol about not contradicting former popes ,the last two being particularly blind to women’s equality within the church, the right to aspire to every role that males enjoy—and that means priesthood.

McAleese like many is sympathetic to the pontiff.He is trying to reverse the reactionary retreat from Vatican ll by the previous two. he knows his time is short but he seems stuck on the female question.
“I don’t think that he gets it. Still. He’s very gentlemanly, he’s a lovely person, everybody likes him and women like him. We love his smile, we love his openness, we love his accessibility, we love his frankness, we love the ease of him. But we also know that that’s not enough.”

Mcaleese focused on the structural problems of a huge church.

“I’m talking about an altogether different phenomenon and that is the structure of a universal Church that comprises 1.2bn people, half of whom are women, and who do not have appropriate vehicles at parish, diocesan or universal level that fully respect the role they play in the Church or could play in the Church,”

Can you hear so many audibly groaning at the candor of this uppity woman? Get used to it.

McAleese previously caused a stir by stating that “a very large number” of Catholic priests are gay and the Church is in denial about the fact. “It isn’t so much the elephant in the room but a herd of elephants.”


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    mushafta Says:

    This is right on! Only trouble is, when you bask in the sun of the phenomenal work Francis has done in such a short time frame- you can see why so many are willing to cut this great pope some slack on this issue given the enormity of the Church’s problems.

    Misogyny, celibacy, womens rights etc. have been left aside for centuries. Few if not all popes have had the balls to deal with these. Francis is too busy cleaning house- appointing better cardinals, accentuating a more open and more inclusive church , promoting dialogue, climate change awareness, and do much more!

    Imagine how all this would look today had Ratzinger not retired!

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