Netanyahu the ultimate cynic


Netanyahu’s cynical ploy on election day, when he warned in a personal message on his Facebook page of “droves of Arabs” descending on the polls was beyond the pale. He is justifiably being mocked by far and wideKatie Halper “translated” Netanyahu’s racist emergency election appeal to get out the vote. Titled “An American Translation of Benjamin Netanyahu’s own words.
You’ll feel you are in Mississippi in 1960.
The only changes we are replacing:
“Arab” with “Black”
“right wing” with “Republican”
“Likud” with “Republican”
“Labor” with “Democrats”
“Israel” with “United States”
The alarmingly racist appeal has been cited as being responsible for a surge in the polls for Likud. Let’s watch the video:
The Republican leadership is in danger.
Black voters are coming out in droves to the polls
Left wing organizations are busing them out.
Get out to vote, bring your friends and family, vote Republican in order to close the gap between us and the Democrats.
With your help and the help of God,
We will build a nationalist government that will protect the United States of America.

This is astonishing from a Prime minister in “the only democracy in the Middle Est.’Even the Tea Party would not utter some thinly coated racism.

Israel’s leadership for 20 years or more has been simply catastrophic.Its great ability in the use of hasbara (propaganda) would put Stephen Harper to shame.Netanyahu ranks as the most cynical leader you will ever meet but the hasbara to the shame of diaspora Jews has been enough for them to support this colonial,racist state.

Many knew Netanyahu was lying after OSLO.he has always been a “maximalist” of stealing more Palestinian land.This was no secret to people who follow Israeli politics.This man has never been committed to 2 state, an impossibility with 350,000 Jews living in the West bank.

Saeb Erekat, a member of the PLO’s Executive Committee and the Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator nailed it when he said

The Israeli elections show the success of a campaign platform based on settlements, racism, apartheid and the denial of the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people. Such a result would not have been possible had the international community held Israel to account for its systematic violations of international law

But you won’t find Erekat’s quote anywhere but here.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Not sure where all this is heading, but it does not bode well given the level of poison in the relationships he’s created with the world beyond Israel. One thing- we cannot allow him to have a friend in Ottawa!

  2. 2
    wmgrace Says:

    “But you won’t find Erekat’s quote anywhere but here.”

    The tradition continues.

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