Good Friday continues


In 1979 we moved out of the narrow confines of individual churches where Jesus had become boxed in. We insisted that Good Friday continues in the streets of our city.THE JOURNEY begun by a small group of Catholic teachers  CONTINUES in  a radical ecumenical way.


We are a Good Friday People.
Centuries ago, a holy man invited a group of people on a journey.
That journey turned out to be both harrowing and life changing.
It ended in death, a violent death on a cross,
but also in the exciting realization that in the end
death is not God’s final answer to the human struggle
for meaning, hope and liberation.

The power that Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate thought they had over Jesus
turned out to be illusory.
The Passion Story unveils another kind of power at work in the world, and in the Word.
When Jesus said, “All power is given to me in heaven and on earth,”
he was not talking about domination and control
but about solidarity and liberation
At enormous cost, Jesus confronted the life-denying forces of his day and entered death,
showing us that our lives too can confront and overcome the forces of death in our day.

Jesus entrusted us with an amazing gift: the gift of knowledge
about what the real purpose of our lives is,
a purpose dramatically at odds with a world marked by violence, oppression and alienation for far too many.
He offered up his life with this message and challenges our souls through his example.
Conversion of our own lives and of the death-dealing power systems of our times is within our reach.

And so today as we walk, we journey together with Jesus,
enacting a hope that can be for all people,
a hope that had and still has the power to confront the myriad forces of death
and overcome them in all their forms,
moving beyond the brokenness of our world
toward abundant life for all.

All who share our vision are welcome.

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    Bill Heffernan Says:

    Tough one today, Teddy

    I missed the walking, the exercise between stations, walking through my own city, engaging with sisters and brothers who’ve shared this journey since 1979, or who have joined in somewhere along the way…..§ I missed the Scriptural Readings that reinforce the validity of the ” living word of God “, I missed the group singing….missed the street theatre; I even missed the liturgical drama and dance.

    Donny and I hung in until the final station, but had no energy left to even repair to the church for soup and solidarity. Too bad.

    Uncle Billy Trying to keep my imperfect streak intact. I think I’ve only missed 3or 4 of these total over the 36 years.

    Sent from my iPad


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