He’s a John Paul ll bishop

The Archdiocese of Kingston had a festival for youth  in October called Shine Like the Son a pun on sun referring to Jesus.

And Padre Roberto tells me that the “star’ was the auxiliary bishop of Ottawa, Christian Riesbeck

And the first thing out of his mouth was “I am a John Paul ll bishop’. MMM what’s up here? Not unusual according the Insider. Many of these bishops do not like Francis and his “mercy” talk, his insistence on consulting the laity and “getting the smell of the sheep on them.’ so they are now self-designating themselves as JP ll bishops. This is code for, “I do not like the direction the present pope is moving”.

Riesbeck methinks does not dig the new Pope Francis.

Not unusual these days. so many of these right wing bishops, Riesbeck belongs to a an ultra conservative order called Companions of the Cross, very Rome centred—unless it’s a Vatican ll pope like Francis.

So in front of all these kid he identifies himself as a “John Paul ll bishop.” How lame.
You have a festival named for the crucified kingdom bringer, the radical rabbi Jesus of Nazareth and this guy identifies himself as a “John Paul ll bishop.”

That’s how hard it is for Francis, dealing with guys like this.

Where is Bill Murray when we need him? The irish mick comedian from Chicago had a great stock line when confronted with absurd statements that Riesbeck made.

“I have to laugh.”


  1. 1
    lcarriere Says:

    I would laugh at this latest hierarchy ecclesiastic guy in Kingston. However, it all seems so sadly sick, this polarizing of the community around which Pope you prefer to adhere to. I remember Tony Meagher as one evangelical model for bishops in that part -or any other part of Canada.
    Give me the Gospel straight up, I say. Too much straining at gnats by these lightweight men in robe & gold chains. We need more of the ‘Good News’ and not this God awful right wing construct, which resembles nothing so much as the reign of Constantine – who, by the way is said to have converted only on his deathbed at the very last moment when history would freeze frame Christianity as the State Religion with the approval of the Emperor, no less. UGH!

  2. 3
    Caroline Maloney Says:

    I always have trouble getting in to WordPress–apparently my password is incorrect–but it is correct! I so enjoy and appreciate your writing and insights, Ted. So I’m going to try it this way! You are so right–what a thing to say to a group of young people who could never identify with JP II, and are finding Pope Francis “more relevant”. Our Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary, (former Bishop of London, ON) was speaking to a group of young people at Prairie Bible Institute (a very fundamentalist protestant college outside of Calgary in Three Hills) about “The Cry of the Poor” and went on to talk about how taken he was with Pope Francis–his humble ways, his outreach to the poor. He spent about fifteen minutes singing his praises! It was refreshing to hear, as though the Bishop himself could hardly believe the change in direction! So there are some bishops, Ted, that have not lost sight of who, Jesus, liberator of the oppressed, is all about!

    Caroline Maloney Drumheller, AB

    Sent from my iPad


  3. 4
    tschmidt Says:

    Hi Caroline, i think Francis has touched a few episcopal hearts.nice to hear about Henry

  4. 5

    I am astounded at the absolute “logical illiteracy” here. Ted, you need some basic instruction on the differene between an inference and a deduction. When he said “I am a JP II bishop or priest”, what that expression means is that he is one whose vocation was inspired by JP II. It does NOT mean that he disapproves of Pope Francis.

    If a priest, let’s say 10 years from now, says “I am a Pope Francis priest”, it would not necessarily mean that he finds JP II repugnant, or Benedict, etc.

    You really need some basic instruction in inductive logic. It’s really pathetic. And you people who posted above, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for not seeing through such basic logical fallacies. Sheeeeesh!

  5. 6
    mushafta Says:

    He’s back like a heat seeking missile with full venom in the fangs!

  6. 7

    Mushafta: that’s another example of an inference. You have projected this image of venom, fangs, etc. That’s the problem with people like you: you construct your narratives; they are constructions, they are not apprehensions of what is the real state of affairs of things. You project onto….

    Just as you all projected onto this bishop a meaning that had nothing to do with what he was saying. It’s sort of like Fundamentalists reading the bible: they project their own meaning onto the words.

    Isn’t it amazing how we become so much like those we despise?

  7. 9

    Does anyone have any idea who 49 francesco is? where he or she lives, what he/she does for a living? any theories?

    • 10
      mushafta Says:

      He’s a very nice fellow in my view. He’s been seriously harmed by far right ideology- more of a radicalized victim than anything. His language is very philosophical and analytical- could be a philosophy prof or even a psychologist. He’s obviously extremely bright. At first I thought he might be working in the Archdiocesan chancery for Collins- he’s definitely hard wired to traditional Catholic doctrine. That’s what makes me think he’s an ex priest or ex religious type. He certainly means no harm but he can be an irritant by his own admission. Nasty at times!

  8. 11

    Extremely bright? Well thank you for that. Definitely not an ex priest, not working for the archdiocese.

    Seriously harmed. Hmmm. Wow. Ideology? Wow. radical? Hilarious. No, I’m just a moderate Catholic. I don’t like right wing conservative Catholics. I do like Collins–how can anyone not? Ex priests are usually very liberal–they sort of have to justify their “jumping ship”, so they point the finger at the Church, rather than admit they couldn’t cut it. So why you would assume an ex priest or religious is beyond me.

    I think Liberals are easier to dialogue with than conservatives; the latter dismiss their opponents as deceived by Satan, etc. Liberals have big hearts, but they tend to have soft heads. Conservatives have hard hearts, but they tend to be hard headed stubborn.

    It is best not to be governed by an ideology, and governed by reason. The left do a lot right, and so to the right. You have to be able to discern. Embracing a school of thought is dumb–no one is totally right, and no one is totally wrong. But you have to know how to think, and that’s the problem today. It’s not a matter of left or right, but the ability to think, and you need the basics of logic, which most people on the left seem to lack. Logic is boring for some, it takes time and effort, but it pays off in the end.

  9. 12
    mushafta Says:

    So I was right Francesco!
    You have to be a university professor of philosophy! I do admire your insistence on rational arguements and dedication to intelligent thinking.
    You certainly know how to put a sentence together.

  10. 13

    Mushafta – Kindly read Francesco’s responses carefully. You do yourself no favours by having knee-jerk responses.
    JP 2 said that faith and reason are like two wings that are needed in order to know the Truth. I believe that this is what Francesco is saying. Without reason/logic, we fly lopsided, without ever reaching our destination.

    Inferences like those made in the article (indeed blog entire) are deliberately contentious. We live in such a sound-byte culture that we tend to pick bits of sayings from Pope Francis much like the Frankenstein did with assembling bits to make his monster. I’m not inferring that Pope Francis is a monster (yikes!), rather I’m commenting on how the media/bloggers tend to make their own creation rather than see the whole. For example, Pope Francis has made some stern statements, even saying that same-sex unions are an “anthropological regression.” Where does this fit into the “mercy, mercy, mercy…” statements on which people fixate?

    • 14
      mushafta Says:

      Cattiva Kate, I have no doubt Francesco can speak for himself. He comes and goes at will, sometimes very long absences. I quite enjoy our dialogue.

      A JP 2 appointed bishop is an excellent term well chosen to represent ultra conservate prelates- selected by a very conservative pope who failed to see the forest for the trees; left the church in a nightmare of a mess with nothing done about the corruption in the curia, complete head turning on priest sex scandals and pedophilia and the list goes on.
      Take a good look at the kind of prelates Francis is appointing! Night and day difference. Why? Cause JP2 guys are a disaster! Look at that train wreck in Toronto! Total fixation on homosexuals, abortion and anything else his Ottawa Conservative buddies get together on. Watch how they’ll cooperate in the next election!
      A JP2 appointed bishop is a well chosen term. It has much significance in marking the true – character of the prelate- given a few exceptions like Remi de Roo.

  11. 15

    When it was revealed that the Archdiocese of Boston was complicit in a cover-up over the sex scandals, JP 2 immediately called all of the American cardinals to the Vatican to handle the matter. This very act spoke of the sense of urgency he felt. I defy any secular institution to act as swiftly. How long did the Maple Leaf Garden scandal last, just to name one example.
    Who’s fixated on homosexuals and abortion (Man, those people suck for caring about dismembered babies. Such downers!)? I think it’s the liberal media who is fixated on these issues. Do they ever notice the Church’s teaching on poverty, on family life, the rights to the worker?
    Please supply the names of the prelates Pope Francis has appointed and show how they are different from those chosen by JP 2. Just how do you think the Church functions. This is Christ’s church and He willed that it have a hierarchy. Did He know that humans would fail? No kidding. But this is the beauty of the Church – that it has the cure despite our weakness.

  12. 16
    mushafta Says:

    Kevin Douglas Grant
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 3:27 PM
    Legion of Christ documents: Who was Father Marcial Maciel?

    GlobalPost correspondent Jason Berry today published a story explaining the significance of a trove of documents ordered to be released Friday about Father Marcial Maciel, founder of the powerful, ultraconservative Legion of Christ. The documents are expected to illuminate the way in which the Legion handled accusations of rampant child sexual abuse and the siring of several illegitimate children by Maciel over several decades.
    Here is a primer on Maciel and his relationships with Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II:
    Who was Father Marcial Maciel?
    Born in Mexico, the Roman Catholic priest founded the powerful, ultraconservative clerical order Legion of Christ in Mexico City in 1941. Dozens of victims in multiple countries made sexual abuse allegations against Maciel over the course of several decades, dating back to the 1950s.
    Though he was suspended in 1956 from his leadership of the Legion by Pope Pius XII after being accused of abusing youths in Mexico, Cardinal Clemente Micara, the Vicar of Rome, reinstated him in 1958 after his predecessor’s death and Maciel enjoyed a long and prosperous career despite the claims of as many as 100 victims.
    The Legion publicly apologized for Maciel’s alleged actions in 2009, just months after a new set of allegations emerged, including the fact that Maciel fathered several children during his reign as head of the Legion.
    In 2010 the Vatican formally denounced Maciel for living a “life devoid of scruples and authentic religious meaning.”
    How was Maciel tied to Pope John Paul II?
    A man of great charisma, and the greatest fundraiser of the modern church, Maciel cultivated a relationship with John Paul II, using scenes of the two men in video-tapes that the Legion distributed to its growing base of benefactors. Maciel accompanied John Paul on papal visits to Mexico in 1979, 1990 and 1993, and in 1994 he was celebrated in “an open letter by Pope John Paul II celebrating Maciel’s 50th anniversary as a priest, appeared in major newspapers of Mexico City, as a paid advertisement, celebrating Maciel as ‘an efficacious guide to youth.’”
    [Jason Berry, Render unto Rome: The Secret Life of Money in the Catholic Church (Crown 2011)]
    In 1997 a Hartford Courant investigation by Gerald Renner and Jason Berry identified nine seminary victims of Maciel in on-the-record interviews. The Vatican refused to comment. In 1998, the ex-Legionaries filed a recourse in Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s tribunal seeking Maciel’s ouster. But John Paul continued praising him, and the canon law case went nowhere.
    Juan Vaca, who left the Legion priesthood, was the first victim to accuse Maciel.
    “If John Paul had acted on the allegations against Maciel that Juan Vaca detailed to the pope in a 1989 letter, in a request for dispensation from his vows as a priest, Maciel’s career would have been derailed…”
    Vaca entered the Legion in Mexico in 1947, at age 10. Repeatedly abused by Maciel in Spain from age 12 through adolescence in Rome, the young priest went to Orange, Conn., as the Legion’s U.S. director. In 1976, when Vaca left the Legion, joining the Diocese of be Rockville Centre, Long Island, N.Y., he sent a blistering 12-page letter to Maciel, naming 20 other victims.
    With support of Bishop John R. McGann, he sent the letter to the Vatican in a formal protest, which achieved nothing. With McGann’s support he petitioned the Vatican to punish Maciel again, sent via diplomatic pouch from the Vatican Embassy, without action. His final attempt in 1989, again through Vatican channels, included an impassioned cover letter to John Paul specifying what Maciel did.”
    [Jason Berry and Gerald Renner, Vows of Silence: The Abuse of Power in the Papacy of John Paul II (Free Press, 2004) and documentary by Berry: VowsofSilenceFilm.com]
    “My dad told my mom that when John Paul II dies, he was going to be in trouble,” said Raul Gonzalez, who filed a lawsuit in 2010 claiming that he is one of Maciel’s children and alleging the late priest molested him beginning when he was 7 years old.
    How is Maciel tied to Pope Benedict XVI?
    A formal request for investigation submitted to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1998 was denied by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who went on to become Pope Benedict XVI.
    A book published by three religious scholars last year alleges “that in 2001 Cardinal Ratzinger and his chief canon lawyer, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, modified the statute of limitations in church law regarding sex with minors ‘retroactively in favor of the Legionary founder, and injuring the human rights and legitimate interests of us, his victims.’”
    Ratzinger reopened the case in 2004, ordered an investigation of Maciel and was elected pope in 2005. In 2006 the Vatican dismissed Maciel from ministry to “a life of prayer and penitence.” He died in Jacksonville, Florida in 2008 without facing criminal charges. A year later the Legion disclosed that he had a daughter by a paramour from Mexico. Several months later two men came forward claiming to be Maciel’s sons by another woman. The Legion did not dispute their claims.

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    Legion of Christ documents: Who was Father Marcial Maciel?
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    As religious leaders help in Ferguson, US churches remain mostly segregated
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    Pope Francis splits hairs on whether the US should bomb Islamic State
    Islamic State continues onslaught as US mulls military intervention
    Muslim majority must stand up against Islamic extremists
    Pope Francis calls the Foley family, whose faith breaks through ISIS-inflicted

  13. 17
    mushafta Says:

    Hope the above helps you understand how JP2 was related to this monster!

  14. 18

    Easy Mushafta. You are dodging my initial query. In my previous comments I did not know that I was to called to challenge or verify the validity of the claim that JP 2 knew the grievous sins of Maciel. That Maciel did not face a criminal trial is a matter for the state. From what I know there is no concrete evidence that JP 2 knew of Maciel’s crimes. At best we can say that he was deceived by this savage, and/or by others at the Vatican.

    • 19
      mushafta Says:

      My dear Cattiva Kate, how could he not have known about Maciel?
      How on earth could JP2 not have known about this monster? He took millions in gifts drom the many women he had and much of it went to the Vatican. Is there such a thing in the Vatican as due diligence? This was blood money.
      Are you telling me JP2 was so naiive he had no idea what was happening in his own house?

  15. 20

    And knowing how conservative morally JP II was, you think he knew that Maciel was a fraud and was indifferent to it? You live in dreamland muschafta, the Schmidt land of imagination, where everything you imagine comes true.

    kativa is right. Isn’t it wonderful to see a voice of reason and light on this “Theology in the Barnyard”? Where did she come from?

  16. 21

    I do not understand post #16. I don’t understand how that was an answer to the question. I also do not, for the life of me, understand the onslaught of headlines half way down that post. What does that all mean? Excuse my ignorance, but I am curious.

  17. 22
    mushafta Says:

    Some people never get it! Deny, deny deny!
    JP2 appointed prelates with closed minds. He failed to see what was going on in “his” church. Total failure paving the way for a reformer in Francis. Monumental work ahead for this man!

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