Jewish prophetic alive and growing in USA

You gotta love Greg Williams.

He and his pal Dan Fischer had the prophetic nerve to do what all Jewish prophets have done—intervene, say to the people, you are going in the wrong direction.


Dan Williams                                                                   Greg Fischer

What was their crime?

On May 12 they protested inside the Temple Israel synagogue in Westport, Connecticut. Now I believe the people who hosted the friends of the Israel Defense Forces are good people but like too many Jews outside of Israel are simply ignorant about what is transpiring there. Well, Williams and Fischer simply wanted to remind fellow Jews about the reality.Their brave intervention was highlighted on The Electronic Intifada.

In a letter to local media, Williams says that he and Fischer were violently assaulted after they entered the temple and explained that they wanted to read a “testimony by Nabila Abu Halima, a Palestinian woman who lives in the Gaza Strip, who watched her son be murdered by the IDF during Operation Cast Lead [in 2008-2009], and who had to flee her home during last year’s Gaza massacre.”

After they were violently restrained, the pair started to read their statement anyway and began to shout “Free, Free Palestine!”
“Our intention was simple: to read the statement at the FIDF’s meeting,” Williams writes, “which was hosting a brigadier general in the occupying, colonizing army that is responsible for her suffering, and the suffering of so many other indigenous Palestinian women.”
“We were there, first and foremost, because we are Jews,” Williams adds, “and we wanted to take responsibility for the racism in our community that fuels Jewish American support for the Zionist Apartheid regime’s continued occupation of Palestinian land.”

“To say that the IDF empowers women is to say that Palestinian women don’t matter,” Fischer told synagogue security as they tackled him to the ground, according to a press release from him and Williams sent to The Electronic Intifada. “Events like this normalize the brutal occupation.”

As he was being detained by synagogue security, Williams told staff members, “I am a Jew coming to a synagogue today. I want to be part of a religion based on emancipation and democracy, not one based on colonialism, white supremacy, and apartheid,” according to the pair’s press release.

Williams said he was shocked to learn after his release that several schools had been put into lockdown after attendees at the talk made what he called a “false report to police that he and Fischer were armed.”

“We were nonviolent,” Williams said. “The real threat to children is the IDF. If people felt so threatened by two protesters chanting ‘Free Palestine’ and reading testimony from Gaza that schools went into lockdown, imagine what it is like for one of your community’s schools to become a bomb shelter during an IDF raid.”

FIDF raises millions of dollars each year to support the Israeli army. It helps fund “lone soldiers,” young American Jews who travel to Israel to participate directly in military occupation and other activities involving gross breaches of Palestinian human rights.

FIDF recently released a video publicizing its support for a sniper from Texas who took part in Israel’s assault on Gaza last summer that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians including at least 547 children.

One response to this travesty on the Electronic Intifada read

Jews who support Israel often do so out of ignorance about what Israel has become. They are also terrified of knowing anything different, so anyone armed with the truth is indeed a terrorist! American Jews, you see, still have a heart and true Jewish principles are alive in those hearts. Upon learning the truth, most Jews are COMPELLED by conscience to renounce their support for ethnic cleansing and incremental genocide committed in THEIR NAME!

This terrifies the leadership of the Israeli regime and the likes of AIPAC. The truth, however, cannot be hidden forever. People are awakening!

Williams and Fischer’s full statement will be posted tomorrow,


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