Canada’s Prime Minister Harper meets Pope Francis


Our Vatican correspondent Fr.Guido Sarducci planted an microphone in the papal salon where Pope Francis met Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Here is a partial transcript of the meeting;

Pope: Good afternoon Mr. Harper. Can I cut to the chase right away? What is up with you and your love in with Israel? Man you are totally offside on this issue. Have you been to the West Bank and Gaza and and seen the constant humiliation of the Palestinian people? and the 520 dead kids after the last massacre in Gaza? Do you really understand the word Nakba? These people had their land stolen by Israelis in 1948, expelled from their country and now Israel presides over the longest occupation in modern history. And you have the gall to tell me that the Holy See and Canada share a commitment to human rights and human dignity.I guess Palestinians don’t count. What is it that you don’t get?

Harper IS
PM Harper: I don’t get Canadian Muslims donating to the Conservative Party. Sorry, Holiness, a little humour there. No, my fundamentalist bible reading tells me God gave this land to the Jews and that’s that.End of story.Don’t you know your bible, Holiness?
Pope Francis: Apparently you haven’t been aware that Muslims have been on this land for 1300 years and Zionism is a European colonialist imperial adventure common at the turn of the 20th century.Who gave Great Britain the right to colonize a Mediterranean land?

PM Harper: Geez, I never thought of that.
Pope Francis: And while I got you here what have you one to Canada’s international reputation which as we say in Italy is now in the gabinetto? Every paper I read tells me you are an ecological outlaw, an enemy of the earth and God’s holy world. Canada is the worst offender against climate justice in the developed world. Is this leadership?My encyclical is coming out on June 18. I suggest you take it to heart and start coloring yourself green.

Sound fades as Harper slinks out of the salon,



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Fr Sarducci! So good to see you again! I’ve missed you over the years!
    Glad to see you reporting from the Vatican!
    Why you suppose Francis will not apologize to our natives on the residential schools issue?
    Why you think Harper is a hypocrite only to meet Francis to bolster his odds of being re-elected?
    Why Harper hates Muslims and soon will make it a criminal offence to say anything negative about Israel.
    Fr Sarducci..please come to the rescue of the Palestinians before Netanyahu destroys them all!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Father Guido- one more thing!
    I just watched CBC’s The National and found out Harper had just ten minutes with Francis but Putin had an hour. Does this make Putin more important than Harper?

    Is it true Fr Guido that you could be inline for the next Pope?

    • 3
      tschmidt Says:

      My son,my son,Chris.You are still at it fighting the forces of reaction. well done. Harper had 10 minutes with pope. I had breakfast and we laughed our heads off.he’s quite a card.very hip as to Canada’s failures.

  3. 4
    mushafta Says:

    Fr Guido.. You never age! Much like Ted Schmidt- the fearless warrior!
    We need you press harder and deeper on the Lebanon issue with the new hip pope. He gets it. Tell him things are dire like the climate change issue.
    Tell the good Francis to start stirring the pot a little more, give a good solid kick to Netanyahu the yahoo and while at it tell Harper to stop playing religious games with the Catholic electorate!

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