Hilary grovels at the feet of huge Jewish donor


A good barometer of how sad and really pathetic US politics has become is is the latest grovel of presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton. Clinton,the female half of surely the wealthiest presidential family ever to engorge themselves in public life($30 million last year for her) wrote a letter to Haim Saban, the biggest Democratic donor, swearing everlasting fealty to the state of Israel.

No BDS on her watch she assured her Moneybags.In fact she is shocked at such a movement linking it with antsemitism. How out of it can you get? She asks her friend Haim on advice in how to counteract this dastardly movement which attempts to bring Israel to its senses.And comparing Israel to an apartheid state? Surely not.


This is beyond the pale.Has the woman ever visited Bantustine herself? Israel, she asures Haim is “a vibrant democracy”. Is she that blind? No,not really, she is like her husband, she has principles—and if you don’t like them, well she has other ones on her way to the White House coronation. And she really needs the money which Haim has plenty of. End of story.another craven politician in the country where democracy has ben sold to the highest bidder.
Finally, she tells Haim “The Jewish state is a modern day miracle – a vibrant bloom in the middle of the desert. We must nurture and protect it.”
The best way to nurture it is to tell it the truth and help wean it off its 50 year occupation of another people.

But Hilary will not do that. She needs Haim’s money.


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