Abbas recalls Palestinian ambassador to Chile over anti-Semitic remarks


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has recalled his ambassador to Chile, following anti-Semitic statements the envoy made at a convention held in Santiago.
Once again the hoary conspiracy The Protocols of the Elders of Zion had sprung into life and Abbas was justifiably furious.

After the Nakba,the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 and in the early stages of Palestinian trauma, many lashed out at Israel and Jews in general for the catastrophe Palestinians had experienced. Radical Muslim groups in the Arab world (mainly in Egypt) promoted the scurrilous Protocols, a notorious forgery which was cobbled together in Russia to coincide with pogroms in the Ukraine and Russia. It was a despicable piece of antisemitism which over time reached the west and was widely used by antisemites convinced of a Jewish plot to rule the world. Henry Ford distributed far and wide.

In some iterations after the Russian Revolution “Bolsheviks” were substituted for Jews.It was exposed as fraudulent by a journalist in England in 1921.
We know that Hitler consistently referred to this from 1921 onwards. It then migrated to the Middle East and indeed other parts of the world. One can then understand why “Arabs in pain” would resort to such garbage.That it apparently still has a life is sad.
At the conference, Ambassador Jadaa said that “a group of intellectuals and financial advisers, mostly non-Jewish Europeans, decided to establish the Zionist movement with one aim: the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people. However, the truth of the matter was that it was meant to facilitate Jewish plans to dominate the entire world.” Alas the Protocols were referenced. Jadaa’s words were published by the New York-based “Institute for the study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy.”
Undoubtedly Israel will use this anomaly as symptomatic of the sick Arab world.No surprise here.
Abbas quite correctly did the right thing.


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    mushafta Says:

    Ask Stephen Harper what the next election is all about and he’ll tell you- jobs and the economy. Well that is his usual mantra. Definitely not climate change and here we are suffering one of the hottest summers ever. And certainly not foreign policy unless you focus on security per se.

    But where on this man’s agenda stands our country’s relationship with Israel and Palestine given the last ten year’s of Harper rule? The most abysmal on record! Like a school teacher breaking up a school yard fight and siding time after time with the school yard bully. Such is Harper with Netanyahu whom the world is starting to see in true perspective. Make no mistake– the next election must focus on Harper’s judgement. He has clearly misjudged Netanyahu as a friend and ally. We don’t need murderous thugs like Netanyahu as friends.

    We must question every politician on their stand with Israel and Palestine. The whole ISIS crisis hinges on this relationship. Dropping a megaton bomb from 3500 feet should not be our conclusion of mission in Syria or Iraq. For gosh sakes life is far more complicated than that! What are the consequences of our actions in the war against ISIS? Our continued unilateral support of Israel in its relationship with Palestine? Surely Canadians cannot solely focus on domestic issues when the Middle East is a virtual powder keg and our support of Israel has been shameful.

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