The bully state : An ongoing story of injustice


40 residents of Susya face deportation:

This from the beautiful Rabbis for Human Rights in israel

• The Palestinian village of Susya in the West Bank is an ancient historic village. Its residents lived in ancient caves for decades before the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.It is s under imminent threat of demolition and expulsion by the Israeli military.  30 years ago the IDF evicted the village residents in favor of an archaeological site and expropriated their land.  The expropriation was illegal and not really needed.

• The residents moved to their private land where they survived for 30 years without infrastructure for electricity and water.

• In 2001,  the army destroyed the caves at the present site and tried to evict the residents. The High Court of Justice ordered the army to stop the eviction. After the caves were destroyed, not having a roof over their heads, the residents were forced to erect tents and sheds to survive.

• The unauthorized construction in Palestinian Susya is neither criminal nor “an attempt to seize land.” It is being done on private land out of lack of choice.

• All of the residents’ attempts over the years to obtain building permits were rejected by the army. Neither appeals nor requests for clemency helped.

• The only solution is to legalize planning for the village. The residents raised large amounts of money, hired experts and submitted outline plans to the army. The plans were rejected on the basis of discriminatory reasons and unequal criteria.

• The State raised no security arguments nor did it argue against the petitioners’ ownership of their land. The only basis for erasing the village is supposedly planning claims but in fact it is a political decision.

• Now the State wishes to destroy the 100 flimsy structures and sheds the evicted residents built on their private farming land after their caves were destroyed, and to throw the residents into the desert.

. A recent High Court petition, submitted by the village council Dirat, Rabbis for Human Rights, Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Society, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, and St. Yves – Catholic Human Rights Center, demands  planning authority be returned to Palestinian villages for their own communities in order to prevent the tragic demolitions of hundreds of homes every year due to the impossibility of obtaining building permits.

Dear Prime Minister:

I have been to Susya and seen the dire poverty
and the disgusting settler attacks, the killing of  sheep,
the damage to olive trees, the destruction of bee hives
and worst of all, the  settler protection of  the Israeli army.

Many delegations from around the world have come  to this
small  farming village  to see for ourselves.

I am requesting  you to plead for a cease and desist order
to the demolition and destruction of this and other
Palestinian villages whose destruction is imminent.

No child should have to live with this.

Canada should be protesting these violations
of UN conventions and the disregard for
international law.

Ted Schmidt


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