Conservative MP compares Stephen Harper government to Jesus,

Wai Young, the Conservative MP for Vancouver South, apparently told the congregation at Harvest City Church that the Harper government’s pushing through of controversial antiterrorism bill C-51 resembles the work of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe was the son of God.

“Jesus served, he saved, but he acted, as well,” Young said in a speech, according to Press Progress.

Proving Canadians have not lost their sense of humour,the following tweets arrived

Blessed are they who persecute for the sake of the party for theirs is a seat in the Senate.

And #CPCJesus said “debate not with Mulcair or Trudeau nor dignify their questions with answers for they are false prophets”

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged by the PMO and Peter Mackay.”
-Matthew 7:1-2

Then shalt thou present 3 IDs for voting, no more, no less. 3 shall be the number of IDs, and the number of the IDs shall be 3.”
Blessed by the political party donors, for their donation shall return to them a thousand fold in tax breaks
Let he who is without sin cast the first ballot. All others shall require 2 pieces of ID.

“Blessed are the 1%, for theirs is the Kingdom of Ottawa.”

Watch me turn water into tarsands tailings

God saw the light, and saw that it was good – so he cancelled its funding



  1. 1
    Joe Schmidt Says:

    Ted, you are a hoot and a pretty informed one too Thank you for all that you do Joe

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Make no mistake about it!
    Stephen Harper does walk on water!
    He eludes all question period hard balls, dodges all premiers meetings, considers himself far above all Supreme Court judges, makes sure he’s out of the country during major controversies and never doubts his second coming! He is above Jesus. The October crown awaits that lovely hairdo!

  3. 3
    mushafta Says:

    Hey Ted!
    Ya gotta love that Francesco character! The nerve to label you a one issue guy! He only comes here to dictate his morality on one issue! What a clown! Complete disconnect with Israel’s doings in Palestine and the intricate weaving with all your other posts. How did these die hard Conservatives get to be so narrow and tunnel visioned? Are they just here to rattle your cage? Then there’s that other one who only appears only on the abortion theme- Cativa or something. Ya Just gotta shake your head Ted!
    Since you cast a wide net some of these small fries do get caught. Good for you that you just release them and move on!

    Keep at it Ted! Harper loves you!

  4. 4
    mushafta Says:

    Just keep her coming Ted!
    All three political parties stood by and refused to condemn Israel for the killings in the Gaza Strip last summer- presumably not to tear up the Jewish vote.

    Your focus on Palestinian justice is fully justified and indeed a welcome voice for the powerless.

    More people need to be educated! Not brainwashed by Harper et alii!

  5. 5
    mushafta Says:

    Here is another good reason Francesco why you are so loved! Because you love Harper with a passion!

    Last updated Tuesday, Jul. 21, 2015 12:27PM EDT

    Gerald Caplan.

    Gerald Caplan is an Africa scholar, former NDP national director and regular panelist on CBC’s Power and Politics.

    “The Council of Canadians,” so reads their website, “stands up for democracy as a fundamental pillar of our society.”

    It’s a curious statement. You have to wonder why the sentiment needs stating at all; surely it expresses a self-evident truth? Yet the very fact that it’s there means the Council believes democracy is being threatened and that Canadians don’t actually agree on how fundamental it is.

    Maybe Canadians should be debating the meaning and value of democracy. We’re taught that Canada has always been one, yet women couldn’t vote until 1918. Status Indians didn’t get the vote until 1960. The human rights of Japanese-Canadians were suppressed during the Second World War. “Jews and dogs” were unwelcome in certain parts of the country. The same dubious record holds true for such supposed shining examples of democracy as the United States and Israel.

    Perhaps a democracy is any country that calls itself one. It also seems that few people really care whether their own country lives up to democratic standards or not, especially, in recent years, Canadians. If they did, Michael Ignatieff might now be prime minister, for he campaigned in 2011 on the many abuses of democratic practices inflicted by Stephen Harper and his government. But Mr. Ignatieff’s campaign utterly failed to connect with voters.

    Nor has the cause of democracy been helped by most of the mainstream media, which, with notable exceptions, cover specific incidents of Harper’s abuses of democracy but rarely point to their dangerous larger implications. This is a strange oversight. Fortunately, we can find analysis of the broader trend elsewhere, thanks to an activist civil society.

    In May, the Council of Canadians issued a 32-page publication written by Maude Barlow called Broken Covenant: How Stephen Harper set out to silence dissent and curtail democratic participation in Canada. Then last month, Voices-Voix issued its own longer report on the subject, Dismantling Democracy: Stifling debate and dissent in Canada. Both documents thoroughly set down the many ways democracy has been undermined by the Harper government: the abuse of parliamentary rules, the intimidation of public servants, the withdrawing of funding and intimidation of organizations that hold views at odds with the government, to name just a few.

    Voices-Voix, a non-partisan coalition of 200 organizations and 5,000 individuals, has documented more than 110 case studies that show how the Harper government has muzzled watchdogs; hung whistleblowers out to dry; cut funding to First Nations, veterans, women’s groups and social justice organizations; increased surveillance and intimidation of human rights advocates; curtailed environmental protection; and effectively slapped gag orders on scientists and public servants. It’s a frighteningly long list.

    To summarize: Our Prime Minister does not appreciate those who disagree with him – who exercise their democratic right to free speech, in other words – and has used his considerable power to gag those who express dissenting views.

  6. 6
    mushafta Says:

    Another reason why we love Francesco 49.

    Announced today that the pope is meeting with city mayors from around the world to summon action on climate change. His enemies? Consumerism, the wealthy corporate bums and yes– the Stephen Harpers of this world who have been in full denial of climate change.

  7. 7
    mushafta Says:

    And so Francesco, of course we all love you, but I for one am curious as to your notable absence on so many issues.

    Where were you on climate change? Absent.

    Where were you during last summer’s war on Palestine and Harper’s continued siding with Israel? Absent.

    Where were you on Bill C-51 that removes our constitutional rights on free speech, privacy and movement? Noticeably absent.

    As a matter of fact Francesco, just where have you been? Are you just another conservative small or big C with no party roots? Really no big deal to me just who or what you are about. I know Ted has never lost sleep over any of your posts; you hardly show up here anyway. I have always enjoyed the dialogue with another point of view.

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