The prophet




  1. 1
    lcarriere Says:

    This is a most extraordinary post. Makes me think profoundly of the uncannily proverbial ‘Signs of the Times’ in which we are now fortunately blessed to live and breathe and have our being.

  2. 2
    Susan C. Hickey Says:

    Ted,when I was working for the Beacon in Gander, I had a chance to interview personally Fidel! Cubana always stopped there. This was the end of the Cold War. I got a chance to fly to Russia too on Aeroflot which always stopped there too. I became friends with the Aeroflot manager and he got me free tickets to go there. An amazing experience and I even picked up some Russian. Now if you want to go there I think it is from Montreal. I had to leave from Montreal when I went to South Africa for the World Council of Churches. BTW I got laid off from my job at the Advertiser which was bought by thevil company TC Media. Unlike my previous employer Robinson Blackmore TC has little interest in local and provincial affairs and media. With RC I wrote stories of big interest (like families who are poor or have serious issues to cover). RB was interested and the stories were groundbreaking. I am working on a book about NL fairy legends and folklore and TC will not get it! Cheers, Sue


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    mushafta Says:

    “Philippine church takes lead on Franicis’ environmental encyclical”

    The bishops and laity in the Philippines are demonstrating and collecting signatures in their support of Francis’ encyclical on climate change. Given their global position they haveuch to lose. What is the Canadian church doing?

    • 4
      mushafta Says:

      Fidel has always been one of my Heroes. Amazing his resilience all these years standing up to the Americanos.
      And now a Latin American pope! Will the Republicans survive his visit?

  4. 5

    It’s a good thing that he allowed all voices to be heard. A veritable prophet.

  5. 6

    Holy smokes, you people! Are you so gullible? Where is the reference???? Anyone can take a picture and slap in any quote they want. They do it all the time with Winston Churchill. From where is this taken? One of his letters? Did he say it in public? And what was the context? Why would he say that? Just out of the blue? Was he praying one day and suddenly had a thought?

    The man is a criminal. He exercised a dominion over others that exceeds the duty of any human being. The Church has said that over and over again in her social teaching. You guys are blind!

    Find the refference! Find the original source for that quote.

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