Israel’s Keystone Kops

A report published in May by Yesh Din, an Israeli group that provides legal assistance to Palestinians, looked at the fate of some 1,000 complaints filed with Israeli police over alleged violence by settlers between 2005 and 2014.
The study found that more than 91 percent of investigations were closed without indictments being filed. In the overwhelming majority of these cases, around 85 percent, the investigation was closed due to a failure to find suspects or collect sufficient evidence to file charges, the report says.


On a basic level there’s a bias against Palestinians who complain to Israeli police over violence by Israeli settlers,” says Sarit Michaeli, spokeswoman for the B’Tselem human rights group. “These cases are not handled with the same seriousness and efficiency as when Israelis are victims of Palestinian violence.”

“If you ask the soldiers they will tell you they are there to protect the settlers,” Gilad Grossman of Yesh Din, an Israeli group that provides legal assistance to Palestinians said. “Very few understand that under international law they are also supposed to protect the Palestinians.”



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    mushafta Says:

    These stories need to continue- regardless of who reads them and who comments on them. People need to know and people with a conscience need to flex their muscle. It is tragic to see extremism to this extent engage in such brutal injustice.

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    mushafta Says:

    Look at what others are saying about this despicable crime:

    The state treats settlers preferentially over Palestinians in every facet of life, writes Nashashibi [Reuters]

    Sharif Nashashibi
    Sharif Nashashibi is an award-winning journalist and analyst on Arab affairs.


    The Israeli government has shed crocodile tears over Friday’s killing by settlers of Palestinian toddler Ali Saad Dawabsheh.

    Much media attention was given to Israeli officials’ description of the attack as terrorism, which must be fought “regardless of which side it comes from”. That is exactly what the government wanted – its reaction was a PR ploy to portray Israel as the good guy, one that fights terrorism and is a victim of it.

    This shameless, self-serving response is an insult to Dawabsheh and his family, and a shrewd effort to deflect attention away from the state’s fundamental culpability in rampant settler violence against Palestinians.

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