Meet Mr.Gopstein


Meet Mr Benzi Gopstein, age 46,the leader of Lehava – a group infamous for its virulent campaigns against relationships between Arab men and Jewish women now y urges the same government to expel Christian places of worship from the Holy Land. I mean, why not.
They need to take them out. We don’t have a place for churches here…. It’s Jewish law. This is what God told us.”
Oh really, Benzi where was that?
Anothert crazed fundamnetalist settler from Kiryat Arba outside Hebron in the West Bank where israel spends a fortune protecting 500 illegal settlers living among 140,000 Palestinians. It was in Hebron where the ultimate Jewish terrorist Dr.Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 settlers in the Ibrahim mosque in February 1994.

Israel suddenly got religion after some settlers torched a Palestinian house resulting in the death of an 18 month old infant Ali Dawabshe.They arrested Meir Ettinger, 23 – grandson of the late Meir Kahane, the racist rabbi whose Kach party was banned because of its racist beliefs. Young Mr Ettinger like Mr.Gopstein was arrested days after lamenting how Israel was being “desecrated” by churches in a blog post. Now he’s free to go.No proof.
The blog condemned “the state of Israel’s great sin of allowing idolatry – churches and monasteries abounding in the Land of Israel with the sound of their ringing bells mixing with the pleasant sound of the Torah and prayer”.
Recall what was chalked on the burned house: Long live the messiah.
The West Bank is riddled by bad religion like this, an Excedrin headache for the many Israelis who are disguisted with these gentlemen.
Mr Gopstein was chillingly dismissive of the reasons behind the crackdown – saying he would shed no tears for one-year-old Ali Dawabshe, the Palestinian child whose death in last Friday’s arson attack triggered a wave of condemnation from Israeli politicians.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Years ago I had a course in university from a distinguished rabbi. I needed to phone him on the sabbath about a matter. He never answered.
    It’s all about the Torah- the first of the three books of the Jewish bible.

    The law says you cannot light a fire on the sabbath- translated in today’s terms- using energy.

    Here lies the issue. How much of the Torah do you take literally?

    Israel continues to narrow down its definition of democracy continuing to marginalized itself from every religion and race to the point where it becomes a nation of total paranoia.

    What they have done to the Palestinians is beyond shameful. This is a genocidal attempt as the world watches. What is worse is the complicity of Canadians allowing this to happen by our re-electing Stephen Harper time after time. Harper is a fraud and an accomplice to this genocide of Palestinians through his support of Israel’s war against them.
    The failure to speak the truth to Netanyahu is the issue. The government of Israel and its belief that they and they alone are the chosen ones is the issue.

    Time to say NO to Harper.

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    An interesting piece in today’s Star showing the degree of love Israel has for Harper:

    Published on Aug 12 2015
    Allan Woods
    MONTREAL—Conservative leader Stephen Harper could be in line for a late-campaign boost in support from a group raising money so that Canadian citizens living in Israel can cast a ballot in the election and encourage Jews to get to the voting box.
    The gesture is intended as political payback for a politician viewed as an unabashed ally of the Jewish state, one who has proven himself to be “Israel’s best friend among world leaders,” according to the fundraising campaign.
    The online crowdsourcing effort has already solicited more than $4,700 to fly voters for the final week of the Oct. 19 election.
    “Our project will send a group of 10 Canadian Israelis to fly to Canada in order to vote on election day,” the video says. “They will also hold a get-out-the-vote campaign in the Jewish community a week before the elections. Most importantly, this will give Prime Minister Harper a great loud message of well deserved gratitude.”

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