Bulldozing more homes in the crazy country


Adam Keller is just another reason to believe that the prophetic is still alive in Israel. A 60 year old longtime “Jew of Conscience”, the native born Israeli has been jailed several times for protesting the shameless abuse of Palestinian rights. The contrarian gene has been passed on to his son Uri Yacobi who served seven months in prison for refusing to serve the army of occupation.

Keller’s parents who fought in the ‘48 war quickly became disillusioned with the narrow vision of Ben-Gurion and the betrayal of socialist principles for a pure nationalist version of Zionism.


Keller continues to fight the good justice fight and is a regular blogger from Tel Aviv. He recently wrote a piece called Crazy Country.

On returning from the Netherlands he received a call from a good Palestinian friend Haj Sami Sadeq, head of the small village of Aqaba in the Jordan Valley – who asked him to call him. An old story hardly ever reported in America or Canada had taken place.

“They came suddenly, without any warning. Hundreds of soldiers, with two huge bulldozers. They destroyed seven structures and also toppled the electricity poles. I spoke with Asher Tzur of the Civil Administration, the man who is persecuting us for many years already. I told him, ‘I have a letter from Prime Minister Ehud Barak, he confirmed that we had the right to build power lines, to have light in our homes and air conditioning in the hot summer. He told me, ‘Your entire village is illegal, we will yet wipe it off the map. The Americans give you money to build, but to us the Americans give money to buy bulldozers.

Keller reported that this collective punishment proceeds apace in the West Bank. B’Tselem,the Israeli human rights group reported that “18 Aug 2015: This morning, 17 homes were destroyed, as well as 7 structures for livestock, in the village of Fasayil in the Jordan Valley, leaving 48 people homeless, 31 of them minors. Most of the families whose homes were destroyed have already lost their homes in previous demolitions. Evicted inhabitants were exposed to temperatures which reached 40 degrees Celsius.”

And so it goes, relentlessly under the radar in America and Canada but duly reported to a bored and blasé Israeli populace which has gotten quite used to the ugly face of occupation.


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    Caroline Maloney Says:

    Ted, You’ve probably seen the movie, “Casino Jack” with Kevin Spacey (2010) based on a true story of a Jewish lobbyist in the US and how the right-wing Christian fundamentalists work together with the Jewish lobby groups, for power, in corruption and deceit (in this case against the Native American groups) in the U.S.. It really opened my eyes to how the corrupt power and money game works in the U.S. and of course, with S. Harper and the present Canadian government. Also, after your last e-mail about the NDP censoring a potential candidate for speaking out for the Palestinians, against Zionism, I wrote to the NDP, (not directly to Tom Mulcair), expressing how upset I was with them taking such action “on behalf of justice” asking for an explanation. Haven’t heard back yet! Thank you, Tom, for your e-mails. They’re always the first thing I read when I open my mail!

    Caroline Maloney Drumheller, AB

    Sent from my iPad


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