Canada, UK and Israel missing in action


The world is horrified at the heart wrenching picture of the 4 year old Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach, another drowned refugee. The 3-year-old found dead Wednesday along the shores of a Turkish resort town was named Aylan Kurdi. His family was trying to reach the Greek island of Kos when their boat capsized. His brother, Galip, 5, and mother, Rehan, 35, also died. Only the boys’ father, Abdullah, survived.
And the news that our big hearted Canadian government had refused the family entry into Canada.
“I was trying to sponsor them, and I have my friends and my neighbors who helped me with the bank deposits, but we couldn’t get them out, and that is why they went in the boat. I was even paying rent for them in Turkey, but it is horrible the way they treat Syrians there,” Teema Kurdi, Abdullah’s sister who lives in Vancouver, told the Ottawa Citizen.

NDP member from BC Fin Donnelly personally delivered the letter to immigration minister Chris Alexander in March, then nada.

“I walked across the aisle in the House of Commons and handed it to him and had a conversation with him,” Donnelly told Canada AM. “I asked him to look into the case.”Donnelly said Alexander promised to look into it.  He said Alexander’s office later requested more information about the family, which was supplied.

“But then the waiting began,” Donnelly said. “The weeks turned into months and we continued to wait and wait, and nothing.”

Alexander has suspended his re-election bid to rush back to Ottawa to control the damage.The Tories of course are hopeless in this regard, their performance abysmal but the other two leaders have shown that they are tone deaf to this global crisis. You can bet he’ll be one Tory who will defy the great leader and start speaking to the press.

NDP leader Mulcair at least acknowledged “It’s too easy to start assigning blame,” he said. “The international community has failed. Canada has failed.”

In Europe, while Germany is taking 800,000 refugees in, German newspapers are mocking another Tory government for its chintzy 10,000 admission response to the immigration crisis. Both Canada and the U.K. should be ashamed of their response.

And the last time I looked at the map, Israel was next to Syria and its response was typical. Basically we do not like Muslims. What would possess families to trek thru Europe for a safe haven when one of the most developed countries in the world is next door. Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Well most people know by now Israel has become a very racist country which treats asylum seekers like vermin.
The new Minister of Culture, and former spokesperson of the IDF, Miri Regev welcomes Sudanese migrants who have trekked across a desert as “a cancer in our body.”


  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Francesco, I think you can do a lot better than showing me a book to read denouncing Jimmy Carter.
    Where’s your moral backbone? And today- our Federal government’s abysmal response to the tragedy of the refugee crisis. Time to speak out and be heard Francesco!

    Alexander.. The poster boy for the Conservatives is a racist bigot and I hope this crisis shows john world and Canadians just how rotten and self serving these thugs in Ottawa really are.

    Defend them and show your true colours Francesco. Time to stand and be counted.

    Dropping bombs from 3500 feet on a faceless enemy only compounds the refugee crisis. Read Jesus and let me know how you differ from his stance on disagreeing with your enemy,

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Harper’s Conservatives are coming apart at the seams.

    Civilian casualties in Syria as a result of Canadian air strikes only add to Harper’s grief today as he and his immigration minister Chris Alexander take cover for its abysmal performance in accepting refugees from the war torn Middle East.

    Canadians are starting to see just how far to the right this party really is. To suggest as Harper does that Canada’s role in accepting refugees is right at the top is scandalous. This man has done everything in his power to bolt the door shut to refugees and immigrants from red flagged countries like Palestine and Syria.

    He’ll slide slowly down the ladder he climbed so high in the last election, and who knows, he just may fall off.

  3. 3
    mushafta Says:

    I’m patiently awaiting your response Francesco.
    Is this too complex to say a word?
    The numbers speak loud and clear if the Harper government’s response to Muslim refugees. Less than 2500 have been admitted in the last 5 years.
    The UN has asked us to take in 10,000.
    So where do you stand Francesco?
    If you see Harper and Alexander make a quick 180 in the next day, you can bet it’s all about the latest polls. That’s the only thing their conscience reads.

    The base does not want to be spending tax payers’ money on refugees. The base rules this party.
    For Harper to suggest we must first drop more bombs on Isis in Syria shows how disconnected this man is from the Middle East crisis.

    This is a very complex issue, but demands a response. And the Christian response is not silence and it is not more money for military operations. It is Christian love and compassion. It is Catherine Doherty’s open door to the homeless and it is Dorothy Day’s full scale NO to war.
    It is a Christian no brainer.

    The only response is kindness. Canadians have never lacked such generosity in the past nor will they now.

  4. 4

    I think Harper’s response is much much better than Trudeau or Mulcair’s response. We need to open our doors right away, and we need to continue to take the fight to ISIS. But hindsight is 20/20. Getting angry that a family was denied entry earlier in the year is blind. But where is your outrage that Saudia Arabia has not taken and will not take any refugees, Kuwait has not and will not take refugees, United Arab Emirates have not and will not take any refugees, Qatar has not and will not take any refugees? What are their reasons? Is it that they are Muslim countries who are indifferent to the plight of others, even Muslims, because Islam is radically different than Christianity? Or is it because they know something we do not? Are they being prudent? And where is your outrage at Justin Trudeau, for his position?

    Read that book by Dershowitz on Jimmy Carter. You’ll never appeal to Jimmy again.

  5. 5
    mushafta Says:

    You’re perfectly right Francesco! Qatar, united Emirate and Saudi have shut their doors.

    My guiding book calls for action of love towards my suffering brothers and sisters. My action does not depend on another’s generosity.

    Harper needs to explain the secret deal with Saudi over $4 billion worth of weaponry to subdue their own people.

    You’re right Francesco, this is very complex. Why help Assad eliminate Isis who are just one of his enemies when he is using chemical weapons in his own people. Highly complex. But these refugees are on the brink. We need to quickly expedite their entry. It is the compassion of Jesus, the Buddha and yes Mohammed. But Muslim countries that do not practice their own religion is not our problem. But surely if we call ourselves a Christian country it is time to act.

    I firmly believe Canadians will indeed act.

  6. 6

    We are in agreement, we should act now. However, your theology is atrocious. The compassion of Mohammed? He wasn’t compassionate. Where did you get that idea? Sounds as if you’ve been influenced by universalism. But let’s not be naive about these Muslim countries. God is not loving Father in Islam. In fact, calling God Father is heretical.

    Listen, you can’t be naive about Islam and the Middle East. Islam does not offer the same level of moral guidance as the New Testament. In fact, in many ways it is the exact opposite: the more Muslims take their religion seriously, the more we need to be concerned; the more “progressive” they become, that is, the more indifferent to orthodox Islam, the quicker there will be peace. But with Christians, it is the reverse: the more they take their religion seriously, the better off the world will be; the more they drift, the more indifferent they become to the sufferings of others. The radical Muslims are those who actually take Islam very seriously.

  7. 7
    mushafta Says:

    Well from listening to Karen Armstrong who is a very scholarly ex nun and well known authority on Islam, she is quite clear that Mohammed was compassionate. I know local Muslims who give alms to the poor, who take in the homeless. They are good people.

    Where are you getting your facts Francesco? The Muslims I know are good people and I have worked with them and know them to be comoassionate to others.

    Take a look at Karen Armstrong!

  8. 8

    Well I know lots of Muslims who are good people. I can’t say I know any who have taken others in, especially non-Muslims. But have you read the Koran? Not parts, but the whole thing? Or the Sayings of Muhammad? Not an edited version, but the whole thing? It’s huge, and there are some very disturbing things in there. Those Muslims you know who are very humane and compassionate, look to see how well they know the Koran.

    You can’t put Islam on a part with Christianity. I know that behind that attempt is a very noble intention, an attitude of acceptance, etc., but it is a position that is had at the expense of a sober look at the facts. Critics of Islam who are from the Middle East (and who were born Muslims) are very emphatic about this. We in North America think that if we believe something long enough and sincerely enough, it will somehow be “real”, if we refuse to see it, then it won’t exist. That’s a type of thinking we had as children, ie magical thinking. It governs much of our thinking today. Like Trudeau: the deficit will take care of itself, economics of the heart. Just close your eyes and believe it isn’t there, and it won’t be there when you open your eyes again.

    It was sobering to know three people who were raised in Muslim countries. They opened my eyes.

  9. 9
    mushafta Says:

    Wow! Francesco! You surprise me!
    I was beginning to like much of what you wrote. But really- my theology is all wrong on Islam? Hardly think so.

    I don’t doubt for a moment there are many Canadians who think like you. On that I will agree with.

    But I’m also aware that we do need to cut our Islamic brothers and sisters a great deal of slack. They never enjoyed an enlightenment nor a
    Reformation. They truly have no spokesperson as Christianity enjoyed the benefit of one pope speaking for all Christendom.

    I do not believe that the Koran is all that bad. Nor do I believe the vast majority of Muslims are bad people. I know current missionaries working in Africa so tell me some marvelous things about their work with the Imams. So no, I will not accept your position on Islam . But I do believe that your position is very strong in this country .

    As for your position on Jimmy Carter, plac as for your position on Jimmy Carter, I don’t have to go buy this book you suggest regarding Jimmy Carter . He was a great guy and I fully believe that his endorsement of the Palestinians was the right thing.

  10. 10
    mushafta Says:

    You’re a good guy Francesco! And miles ahead of Donald Trump whom I hear leads the Republicans but does not know the difference between Hamas and Hezbolah. Woeful! Absolutely woeful! No wonder this world is in a pickle!

    And here’s Ted pounding on the keyboard trying to educate a nation of ignorant people! Many would have tossed in the towel by now.

  11. 11
    mushafta Says:

    A Bad Week For Harper…

    Story today in the Toronto Star …
    Even Pat Carney, a former Tory minister in Brian Mulroney’s cabinet, lashed out at the government for “treating this unfolding tragedy as if it were occurring on another planet.”
    If Harper doesn’t move to bring in at least 100,000 refugees from Syria, Carney told the Vancouver Sun, “The Conservatives should be swept out of office by a tsunami wave of anger.”

    Fully agree!

  12. 12
    mushafta Says:

    On last night’s CBC’s The National Calgary’s mayor Nemshi stepped up to the plate and belted a home run saying most folks he’s talked to want more refugees here and that bombing Isis so far has not worked. Harper’s plan is to try and solve the Isis problem prior to the refugee crisis. An idiot! Bombing Syria has created the humanitarian crisis!

  13. 13

    Well, I hope you are right about Islam. I am not sure. Perhaps you are right. Those who have been raised in Muslim countries, the few I know who have, hold a different view. When Muslims become a majority, watch out. I do like what you said about “They never enjoyed an enlightenment nor a
    Reformation. They truly have no spokesperson as Christianity enjoyed the benefit of one pope speaking for all Christendom.
    This is clever. Their history is not quite the length of ours, and yes, the historical conditions have been very different. But that just acknowledges the point I made, namely, there really is a difference, and there are historical conditions to explain that difference, things we need to keep in mind as we move forward. It’s very difficult to say whether your position is wishful thinking, or whether it really is true. I don’t pretend to know. I too know great Muslims, but they are a sample, an unrepresentative one. Muslims living here are not representative of the Muslim world.

    As for Jimmy Carter, it is important, very important to carefully consider the opposition, in this case Alan Dershowitz. He’s one of the most balanced minds in the U.S.

    The Donald Trump fiasco is disturbing. He is without a doubt the least qualified, but because he speaks his mind and cannot be purchased, people are taking a second look. But notice the media scrutiny. There’s no way in Hell that they would scrutinize every word and every point and every omission from someone like Hillary Clinton. It’s just like the media ignoring Justin Trudeau and the many absolutely stupid things he’s said. If Trudeau was a conservative, he’d be history. But Trump is not qualified, Jeb Bush backed down during some heckling, something Reagan would never have done, so he’s out. Bobby Jindal is the man–Catholic convert, bright, experienced, articulate.

    The fight has to be taken to ISIS. These are psychopaths. You can’t ignore them any more than you can ignore the Nazis. Gosh, it’s a real no brainer here. We still have all this holocaust education going on, trips overseas, moving tours, etc. Have we learned nothing. Won’t we be looking back on this time and shaking our heads at our indifference to ISIS–until of course they arrive at our doorstep?

    There is something very sick about this time. All this Media coverage of Donald Trump, and very very little coverage of ISIS and Syria, until we see the image of a boy washed up on the beach. We live in our imaginations; we function not according to reason, but according to the imagination.

    One final point: when it comes to knowledge, there is always a trade off between simplicity and accuracy. The greater the simplicity and coherence of your position, the less accuracy we can expect. The greater the accuracy, the more complex and the less imaginable and the more difficult it is to make sense out of it, and the more that is expected from the listener. That’s why democracy is failing, as Tocqueville said it would under certain conditions; people are too intellectually lazy. They don’t read, they don’t study, they don’t think. They feel. They imagine. They wish. They fall for false promises.

    Canada will be ruined if either Trudeau or Mulcair get into power.

  14. 14

    “.. last night’s CBC’s The National Calgary’s mayor Nemshi stepped up to the plate and belted a home run saying most folks he’s talked to want more refugees

    That’s a sample. Still, I hope most want to bring in the refugees. But his reasoning fails here.

    … that bombing Isis so far has not worked.

    What does he mean by “worked”? Does he mean “stopped ISIS”? If it does, he’s rather stupid. Things like this take time. If one bomb stopped a number of ISIS psychopaths from killing, let’s say 5 people, then it worked, according to an arbitrary criterion. What’s his criteria for “worked”? Anybody could have said the same thing regarding to military efforts against Hitler at any point in his campaign.

    ” Harper’s plan is to try and solve the Isis problem prior to the refugee crisis. An idiot! Bombing Syria has created the humanitarian crisis!

    What self-righteousness! Calling him an idiot? How do you know all this? First of all, bombing ISIS did not create the crisis. ISIS created the crisis, plus Syria has been at civil war for a while now. But it is ISIS that has brought this about, not the bombing of ISIS. Gosh. Talk to any refugee and see if that’s their take.

    Your hatred of Harper and conservatives in general really has blinded you and prevented you from engaging in serious and sober dialogue. You have to clean your prejudices and bigotries, and then you’ll see that things are not so black and white. I tell conservatives all the time that it’s never so simple that Liberals are stupid and conservatives are good–contrary to what they hear from Ann Coulter. In the history of thought, nobody, no thinker, has ever been 100% wrong. The world is far too polarized, especially in politics, and it is all due to what Nassim Taleb refer to as “epistemic arrogance”.

  15. 15
    mushafta Says:

    I think you’re right. It was over the top to say Harper’s an idiot.
    I should have been more thoughtful and said how racist and bigoted he is making IsIs a target for his election. As far as complete allegiance to Israel is concerned- Harper has got that dead wrong too. Woefully blind.

  16. 16

    It wasn’t over the top, it was arrogant, which is quite natural for you. You over-simplify complex issues, your primary source of information is the Toronto Star or the New York Times, and you are ridiculously inconsistent, you commit logical fallacy after logical fallacy, and for some reason you think you have a better grasp on the economic conditions in which this country functions, yet you have absolutely no political experience and you’ve never studied economics in your life.

    But you’re a good guy and you’re harmless, nonetheless.

  17. 17
    mushafta Says:

    Well Gee whiz Francesco! Thanks for all the compliments. You certainly know me well.

    The Conservatives will cater to their base and let in a bare minimum number of Syrians to satisfy the crowd, but at great risk because of the high potential of allowing terrorists in, as well as the extreme financial cost of bringing in boatloads .

    You’re right of course. I know nothing of politics and economics. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    I’m an ordinary guy living in a democracy. But so far I have the right to freedom of speech. And I will use it to help remove Harper who in my view is a dictator and hell bent on turning this place into a police state.

  18. 18
    mushafta Says:

    You accuse me of being simplistic in my view of the Syrian situation. And you claim that there is a great complexity here. I will not argue with that.
    But Francesco, where is that line that cuts across all this complexity and reaches out in compassion for these victims of Assad’s brutal dictatorship?

    I’m quite sure that Harper’s greatest fear is allowing all these asylum-seekers into the country at a huge cost to taxpayers and at the same time further endangering our Canadian security. Let’s face it- many Muslims have left Canada to fight for Isis . Allowing large numbers of Syrians into the country could potentially bring about our own demise. And since it is my believe that Harper is paranoid – it is most likely that there will be relatively few allowed into the country . And yet Europe and Germany in particular are opening the gates in record numbers.

    I find it of interest to note that Ted has been writing about the atrocities of war with respect to Israel and Lebanon and the fall out there from.
    Harper stood by and watched. Not only did he watch but he did nothing to stop the brutalities of Netanyahu- his best friend

    That!’s where I’m coming from! The conscience of Canadians got pricked last week over one photograph of a dead child . They have been countless images of the children in Lebanon in the last number of wars with Israel. Where was our conscience then?

    To side with Netanyahu and to believe that killing innocent Muslims is the answer to this conflict with Christians versus Muslims is dead wrong.

    Where did Isis come from? There is no doubt in my mind that Isis was created by the west end it’s injustice towards Muslim people. Look how we tortured captive Muslims in Guantanimo Bay. Didn’t we send people to Syria ourselves ? We kind of overlooked that didn’t we?

    Yes, this is all a very complex issue but it nevertheless requires our attention. And we need to start thinking fast.

  19. 19

    Point #1: It’s not the Syrian situation that is complex, it is the Palestinian/Israeli confict that is. The syrian conflict is much simpler. And I already said that we should open our doors, quickly. But we have to act prudently. How that is to be done requires knowledge that you do not have. Yet you accuse Harper of not acting, yet you have no idea what he’s been doing, the trade offs he has to consider, the long term implications. For you it is as simple as open our doors and put them on welfare, and everything will be fine. That’s probably why you were not called to politics.

    As per your previous post, you admit to knowing nothing about economics and politics–economic ignorance is far more costly, though–, and you go on to talk about your right to free speech. Your right to free speech comes with the obligation to become informed, especially about matters of economics. Economics is a science, but like many other social justice advocates of the 60s and early 70s, your claims are based more on imagination and desired results. Couples who marry on the basis of imagination and desired results soon split up. You need to study. It’s not too late. It just takes work.

    As for your conjecture that Harper’s fear is security and the impact it will have on the economy, of course you are right, and when he does open the doors and years down the road something happens that is conneted with this, who will the media blame, and who will the opposition blame? Harper.

    You keep talking about Harper as if he has this omnipotence to solve the world’s problems, and if he doesn’t, he’s a failure. When the U.S acts, it is criticized and told to mind its own business. If a conservative leader does not act, he’s accused of doing nothing. What do you accuse Obama of not doing?

    Who are the innocent Muslims that are being killed? And how was ISIS created by the west? Look, Paul Bernardo was created by modern pop culture; we created him, so let him out, be compassionate, be like Jesus. When did he ever instruct us to incarcerate anyone for the rest of their days? Open your doors to Paul and have mercy. There there will be peace. Evil is not real, it is just a response to our capitalistic evil. Get rid of our capitalism, our greed, and there will be no more evil in the world. People are basically good. There is no Original Sin (Rouseau).

    That’s how nonsensical you sound. And thinking fast is the problem with the world today. People need to slow down and think carefully. Daniel Kahneman won the nobel prize in Economics for his class work Thinking Fast and Slow. You should read it. You commit all the fallacies that he underscores.

    Here’s a good article from the Toronto Sun–again underscoring the need to think more carefully and critically:

  20. 20
    mushafta Says:

    Francesco, I do admit that you raise some very legitimate points. But one thing then I will ask of you is this: with regard to the Palestinian/Israeli issue – why is this so complex in your mind ?

    Is Ted simplifying this issue beyond measure?

    Are you telling me that Netanyahu is just one great guy?

    I know he has reason to fear Iran, but most of the West disagrees with him on the Palestinian issue including Obama. And the plan now in place to allow irreverent to use nuclear power has a green light. Are you telling me that this is wrong?

    You ask it how we have mistreated innocent Muslims. Ever heard of Harrar? Was he not compensated financially for his torture by the Canadian government?

    A child soldier was tortured in Guantanimo and still serves time here in Canada. His lawyer accused Garper if being a racist and a bigot. Disagree?

    How many times has Harper been overruled on this case and many others by the Supreme Court?

    Are you telling me our justice system is at fault?

    Look how much effort Harper has gone to to stack the courts with his own ideological buddies. And has it worked?

  21. 21

    Why is it so complex? Have you not studied the history of this conflict? How can you ask that question? If it was as easy as Israel good/Palestine bad, then it would be simple. Same goes when that is reversed. But Israel has done some horrible things. Every time they do, they complicate matters. But history is itself complex. People disagree the farther back we go. History is a matter of inferencing, and the inferential method is radically uncertain. Again, I think Alan Dershowitz speaks reasonably on this, and he avoids the facile dichotomies. He’s a law professor, so he makes distinctions, he’s got a legal mind, and he’s Jewish, he’s passionate, and he understands the importance of evidence.

    I don’t say Netanyahu is a great guy. I don’t know him. He knows more about Israel and this conflict than I will ever know. It takes me years to know people that I deal with every day, how can I be expected to know Netanyahu? Most people have no idea of the limits of knowledge.

    We all have reason to fear Iran. As for the Iran deal, I lean towards the position that it was a bad deal. Once again, however, there are some good points on the other side, so I am not sure. But the best arguments, so far, have been on the side of “bad deal”. We don’t know where this will lead–it may turn out to be a great success. But it may lead to nuclear war.

    Torture cannot be justified. But the question had to do with military efforts against ISIS.

    Calling Harper a racist and a bigot is so ineffective; it has become utterly meaningless. You disagree with someone who is brown, and you are a racist and a bigot. If you disagree with the U.S Supreme Court decision on SS marriage, you are a bigot, if you question Muslims, you are a bigot and a racist, etc. Yikes.

    Now, you ended by contradicting yourself. You said that Harper has made efforts to stack the courts with his ideological buddies. The Supreme Court has been stacked by the Liberals for the past 30 years. We have a Supreme Court of judicial activists, unelected lawyers deciding for the rest of us what we can and cannot do. It has become the most dangerous branch. It is up to us to make law, not the courts. Harper wants to appoint justices who are not Post-Modern ideologues, but judges to make predictable judgments, that is, judgments based on the law formulated by the legislature, not formulated by Supreme Court Justices. The current court is completely unpredictable. Decisions are based on their personal views (post modern relativism, the new orthodoxy), not the rule of law. There is a lot of great literature on this. Judicial reform is desperately needed in Canada. So yes, our justice system is at fault. We live in a judicial oligarchy.

  22. 22

    one more thing…that was the plan back in the 80s. It is this Charter of Rights are freedoms, pushed on the country by Trudeau. No province wanted it; it was unnecessary from a legal point of view, and more to the point, it is defective. It is so vague, so general, and rights are mentioned without obligations. It is written within an Individualistic frame of reference, the 80s. As if only individual rights exist. It mentions nothing about the rights of the nation as a whole. So we have this vague and undefined Charter, and the Liberals appointed court justices and what they did since then was to give the Charter definition, specificity. What guided those decisions? Nothing other than their own opinions and post-modern frame of mind. That’s it. That’s Trudeau’s legacy.

  23. 23

    Ah, and one more point: when you read the dissenting justices in Obergefell (the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on ss marriage), they discuss this beautifully. You see, every State in the U.S is free to legislate in favor of SSMarriage, but it is they who have to do so, not a few unelected and unrepresentiive Harvard graduates. The court is not there to settle the morality of it. It is there to judge on the basis of the Constitution. That was judicial activism par excellence. It’s worth reading the dissenting arguments. It’s an education on law.

  24. 24
    mushafta Says:

    Wow! Now that is hard to swallow!
    So Canadian leadership at the time of the Charter was at fault? Gee! It just happens to be a democracy for good or ill.

    My lawyer friends have zero tolerance for Harper as he just will not listen to opposing viewpoints. He takes only 5 questions from the media and thus is a democracy? Question period in the house no longer has direct answers to the questions. Harper commands all the talking points. We have never before had such a Prime Minister so aloof and adversarial.

    Some of your points are very well made and you have a good command of the issues. Impressive.

    The average Canadian is woefully ignorant and oftentimes uncaring about our country’s future.

    The pope today is encouraging all parishes in Europe and perhaps beyond to take in Syrian families. Marvellous leadership!

    Now if only our own bishops would follow!

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