Danny Danon, Israeli hack


If you look up Danny Danon in a Hebrew or English dictionary you would see his name and picture under the word HACK

Yet PM Netanyahu had the effrontery to pawn him off as Ambassador to Brazil but Brazil was not enthused and worse still, three former ambassadors pleaded with Brazil not to accept the HACK.

Dayan you see is a settler who is ideologically committed to a policy that Brazil defines as illegal under international law. He served as chairman of the Yesha Council – the umbrella organization of Jewish settlement councils in the West Bank – from 2007 to 2013.

Dayan opposes the two-state solution and that agreeing to his appointment would send a very negative message to all Palestinians and Israelis who support that solution, and would be a victory for those who support a binational state.

So former ambassadors to France, Turkey and South Africa told the Brazilian government that appointing Danon would legitimate the illegal settlements.They then sent a letter to Brazilian papers with the same plea. Alon Liel the former ambassador to south Africa called danon,”the foreign minister of the settlements.”

Brazilian activists as well petitioned the government to can Danon. President Dilma Rousseff has said that she also opposes the appointment a rarity for a head of state to voice their disapproval of the nominated individual,
Typical israeli arrogance. Netanyahu thinks the whole world is not watching his craven disregard for international law and UN resolutions.

Finally,the whole world is awakening to the illegal and brutal occupation and the  disappearance of Palestine

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