Hockey night

The game was very boring, Leafs and Detroit had used their A teams the night before in Detroit. Absolutely no offence and most of all, the magic man, Pavel Datsyuk was not in the lineup. He is the most interesting player to come to the NHL in 20 years, a phenomenal blend of artistic offence moves and a brilliant defensive checker.
So I was correct in my assessment that this would be boring hockey. We lasted two periods. It was all pre-season exhibition,the tickets were gratis and the coaches were checking out younger players.
Out one never knows when grace is lurking.
As I got off the GO train there among the horde thronging to the ACC was a beautiful sight to behold. A father was escorting his son, maybe in his early 20s to the game. His hand was lovingly placed on his shoulder.The young man had his Leaf jersey on. You could see it was a big night out for the Downs syndrome son.
It was an equally big night out for me.


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    mushafta Says:

    Only the compassionate kind hearted Ted could observe such a moving scene!

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