Netanyahu called out on refugees..They’re not Jewish!

Gershom Gorenberg is one of the very fine Orthodox writers in Israel,very sane, unlike the fundamentalist crew in the occupied territories.
Dipping into the heart of the Torah, Gorenberg pointed out the shocking avoidance of the state of Israel around the tragic refugee crisis in Syria. Looking at a map one cannot but notice that Syria is right next to Israel.
“Our politicians and media – managed to barely notice the millions of refugees much closer to us.”

Tthe politicians have noticed—and treated brutally the African Eritreans and Darfuris crossing the desert as refugees to Israel. The state is not very friendly to these unfortunates.
“Never mind that the state’s idea of its interest has been scaring African refugees out of coming here and pressuring those already here to leave.
As a believer, Gorenberg asks the question: is there any meaning at all to the word “Jewish” in “Jewish state” when Israel refuses sanctuary?
Not stated here is that Zionism has virtually gutted Judaism in israel and much of the diaspora. It has become a country which has long lost the deepest memory of theJewish people as “sojourners in Israel”, as refugees from Nazi Germany.
And then there’s Benjamin Netanyahu, our country’s fearful leader, who said that Israel lacks the “geographic and demographic depth” to accept refugees. Let’s put aside the thought that if 40,000 European Jews wanted to come tomorrow, the prime minister would not tell them the country is too small. Let’s ignore the irony of Netanyahu, who’s done all he can to keep the West Bank under our rule, saying, “But demography!”
What he meant was, “They’re not Jews.”

Gorenberg has nailed it as have other writers in Israel.

This dialogue you will never hear in any but the most progressive Jewish organizations. These refugees are Muslims. Basically they are not human. It is out and out racism.

‘Netanyahu, we know, is very concerned about Jewishness. He wants the Palestinians to recognize Israel as the Jewish nation-state. He once said that leftists “have forgotten what it is to be Jews.” But what does he mean by “Jewish”? Just living in Israel can’t be enough, because it begs the question of why someone should want to live in a Jewish state. What does he have in mind, besides asserting the historical right, or obligation, of Jews to rule all the land between the river and the sea? Ah, we’ve gotten to history. Jewish history is very important to Netanyahu. But that still leaves the question of what meaning history gives to being Jewish. It’s hard to avoid concluding that for Netanyahu, and for his political camp, and even for quite a few people who’d never vote for him, the message of Jewish history is that we suffered and therefore the world owes us.
Now the hidden story—never articulated is Netanyahu would certainly say it was criminal for Western countries not to accept Jewish refugees in 1939 but Israel created 750,000 refugees when they ethinically cleansed Palestinians in 1948.They have been experts in the refugee creating game.
But nobody will say this.



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    mushafta Says:

    Harper and his PMO called out in the same day for interfering with Syrian refugee process. Pure bigotry and racism!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    When will this ever end?

    Published on Oct 09 2015
    JERUSALEM — At least four attacks — three by Palestinians and one by an Israeli — as well as deadly clashes along the Gaza border threatened to escalate tensions throughout the country on Friday as Israel struggled to control spiraling violence.
    The rash of Palestinian attacks aimed at Israeli civilians and soldiers this week have been mostly carried out by young Palestinians stabbing people on the streets seemingly at random — making it difficult for authorities to predict or prevent them. A Palestinian used a vegetable peeler as a weapon to stab a 14-year-old Israeli in Jerusalem on Friday while an Arab-Israeli woman was shot and wounded while attempting to stab people at a bus station in northern Israel, police said.

  3. 3
    mushafta Says:

    In today’s National Post…

    This is interesting: The Washington Post reports, “In a bid to defuse the wave of Palestinian violence that has struck Israel and the West Bank during the past few weeks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday prohibited all of the country’s parliamentarians from visiting the Temple Mount, a contentious site holy to both Jews and Arabs.”

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