Canadians finally tired of the politics of division

Harper Bye

The most divisive politician in my lifetime Stephen Harper has mercifully departed from politics. It turns out that Canadians generally were sick of the master of black arts and dog whistle politics like the Niqab. They were tired of thinly veiled Islamaphobia and embarrassed at being at our country being an ecological scofflaw. In general Harper shredded our long-cherished middle position on the world stage, particularly on his bizarre support for the shocking ongoing occupation of Palestine. All the world began scratching its head—whatever happened to Canada, our ray of hope north of the 49th parallel? Stephen Harper and his retrograde Republican values happened.

The master of cynicism outsmarted himself by running the longest campaign in Canadian history hoping that with the deep pockets of Canada’s 1 per cent he could bankrupt the other parties. It blew up in his face as the country watched Not Ready for Prime Time Justin Trudeau prove just the opposite. While not a huge fan of young Justin his obvious genuineness and ability to connect with people was a welcome contrast to the dour, tight-assed Harper.

While I hold no great hope for the next few years the Liberal win was a slap in the face to the absolutely appalling degradation of politics played by Harper. An old Liberal game was played out once again, campaign from the left and rule from the right. I hope I am wrong this time for the good of the country.

To the democracy deficit. It still boggles my mind that the sheep running under the Tory banner actually followed orders never to appear at an all candidates meeting. What an insult to our system of governance — forbidding a politician who hoped to represent you debate the issues of the day.But the diktat came down from the one man Politburo NYET. Do not show up. We’ll buy TV time and win the election this way. Absolutely unbelievable. People should have immediately parked their votes elsewhere.

Obviously the country grew very tired of Harper’s narrow vision which pit Canadians against Canadians. We knew we were a better country than the one he tried to destroy.Young Trudeau stealing a line from Abe Lincoln simply appealed to our “better angels.”

The people opted for the Liberals as agents of change. Justin Trudeau simply appealed more than Tom Mulcair a very good parliamentary debater but just too ambitious for the top job. Riding the “Orange Wave, really won by Jack Layton’s sunny disposition and hopeful politics, Mulcair steered disastrously to the right and opted for the mushy middle alienating the base of the NDP. When the NDP finds itself to the right of the Liberals on running a deficit you knew the end was in sight and many very good NDP members were victims of strategic voting. Mulcair’s market mania was a bad misstep. In politics you never know when a tidal wave is on the horizon .This tsunami had “the anti-Harper massive anti-Harper written all over it.

Politics under advanced capitalism is a very dicey affair. Given the tremendous power of capital to divert people’s attention and confuse them, it is often second raters with deep pockets who win the day. Americans fell incredibly for the simple nostrums of Ronald Reagan and then 2 terms of the appalling George Bush. Most shocking of all was the victory of the ultimate buffoon Toronto’s Rob Ford. Only people who have never done the spade work which democracy demands would fall for the above. posers. Yet many good people did. Often it was for economic reasons, the age old winner of tax cuts as if you can build a modern country without a generous graduated tax system. “More money in your pocket”—what a tired mantra,one which Mr.Harper actually used in his concession speech.

Mulcair gave an excellent concession speech focussing on the end of the cynical politics of fear and division. But nothing on his crushing defeat. The NDP will have to go back to its drawing board and ask some fundamental questions. Canada is always stronger for having a third party.

All in all Canadians rose to the fore and spurned the ugly politics which Stephen Harper embodied.

And who was the backroom boy that allowed Harper to appear with the Ford brothers?

Oh, that’s right, who else—Harper called all the shots.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Harper the Fraud!

    We can indeed bid farewell to the worst PM in Canada’s history.

    A racist, a bigot, a liar, control freak and a total non economist.

    The only thing he was good at was telling lies and with the slick tongue deceiving Canadians.

    In the Duffy trial nothing of Harper’s story added up. I hope he is called to the witness stand.

    Christmas in July! What a crook trying to get Canadians to take the bait.
    He ran 7 deficits in ten years and protected the wealthy and stomped on the marginalized.

    Thank God no more non answers from his henchmen during question period. Joe Oliver- Gone! Here’s his old environment minister telling us we’ll be one day drinking clean pure water from the tar sands’ tailings ponds.

    Proroguing parliament was one of his dirtiest moves. Then all those omnibus bills filled with surprises.
    This dude was not about democracy.Anything but!

    It will be a while before his stench leaves the parliament buildings. But thank the Lord this piece of corruption is gone!

  2. 2

    Ah Mufa: you are such a hot head and a monumental inferentialist.

    Canadians cut off their nose to spite their face. There is a price to pay for economic illiteracy, and Canadians are going to pay that price. It’s a basic law of economics. People have to learn not to be fickle when it comes to their future. It’s not enough to hear Trudeau one day, and say “I can’t vote for him”, hear him another day and say “I think I’ll vote for him, he did well yesterday in that interview”. What does he stand for? What are the trade offs and can we afford to pay the costs?

    All we have to do is watch closely what happens in the next four years. Carefully watch what is happening in Alberta. Why didn’t they vote NDP? They did provincially? It’s because now they know the mistake they made, but they have to live with it until the next provincial election.

    Let’s watch closely and see what actually happens. If Canada rises in prosperity, if unemployment goes down and people begin to flourish, I will come on and admit that you were right, Ted. I wonder if you have the guts to watch objectively.

  3. 3
    mushafta Says:

    I would never disagree with you Francesco. Of course you still think I’m Ted, which is fine with me.

    I am not an economist and never tried to sell myself as one. I’m a fiscal conservative in every sense. Harper had a bull’s eye target on his back from missing indigenous women’s advocates to environmentalists. He was a narcissistic elitist possessing no conscience and no compassion. Glad to see him gone! He ruined this country!

    You may be correct my good friend Francesco! You may be right!

  4. 4

    He ruined this country???? Ruined? In what way is Canada a ruined country? Especially when in the past few years, it has been voted as the best country in the world to live in?

    Why do you spout off about things like that? Don’t you take St. Paul seriously, that we have to render an account for every idle word we utter? Don’t you have any reverence for a person’s reputation? Astounding! Narcissist? No conscience? No compassion? What the heck is that? Who are you? You have no control over your tongue.

  5. 5
    mushafta Says:

    Why did Harper have so many enemies? Why have we lost our good name in the UN? Why did Harper not take in a larger number of refugees?
    Why no action on climate change? Why no meetings with premiers in his ten year reign? Why the muzzling of scientists? Why such limited access the media had to him? If he did anything he galvanized a tsunami of enemies that banded together to take him down.

  6. 6
    mushafta Says:

    Another thing Francesco my good friend…

    Harper was a hated man. He represented his base. Why time and time again, supported Israel and that nut job Netanyahu. Canada has always been neutral and not taken sides. It disgusted me to no end to see Harper comment on Israel’s right to defend itself in wars with Palestine. He never relented. His foreign policy spokesmen were like bulls in a china shop. Harper had no time for diplomacy. Just send in the military.
    Same with Putin and Ukraine. Anything for a vote.

    Nope, no doubt about it- Harper was a dud!

  7. 7
    mushafta Says:

    Well Francesco? Just abject silence?

    Canada’s worst PM and your silence surrounds us.

    You defend this monster and his racist policies? His environmental record? And in days to come we’ll discover more things he guarded from our eyes. Harper is a horrible man and his record will show that. Those Afghan detainees were abused by our soldiers and the truth about that was covered up. Those muzzled scientists were not to utter a word about climate change or any negative influence the tar sands would have. This racist bigot brought out racist laws and showed no respect to our aboriginal people. Harper- a terrible Prime Minister!

  8. 8

    Canada’s worst PM and your silence surrounds us.

    He would not have last 10 years if he was the worst PM, and we’d be like the rest of the world if he was the worst PM.

    You defend this monster and his racist policies?

    Monster? That’s what we call sociopaths. Racist policies? The niqab? That’s not racist. You have a basic right to see the faces of those with whom you communicate in person. It has nothing to do with race.

    His environmental record?

    What is an environmental record? Point out where Canada’s environment is in ruins?

    Those Afghan detainees were abused by our soldiers

    Then the soldiers are monsters. There was abuse of prisoners under Paul Martin. does that merit him being labelled a monster? Your logic once again is atrocious.

    Those muzzled scientists were not to utter a word about climate change or any negative influence the tar sands would have.

    If you want to hear from the world’s eminent scientists on climate change, read this:

    And since you are so concerned about muzzles, what do you make of Kathleen Wynne passing a law that forbids scientists from administering gender identity therapy? why is politics interfering with science? You see the double standard you have?

    This racist bigot brought out racist laws and showed no respect to our aboriginal people.

    Name 1 racist law.

    No respect for Aboriginal peoples? Look how much money the chiefs make and how much of that is spent on the reserves. The Fraser Institute has good stats on that. The chiefs are corrupt. But you wouldn’t be caught dead suggesting something like that.

  9. 9
    mushafta Says:

    I had no idea you were that seriously out to lunch!

    You clearly fail to see things as they are objectively.

    The snitch line to report barbaric cultural practices… That’s not racist?

    Even ardent Conservatives agree that was way over the top and part of what helped defeat them in the final hour.

    We obviously see things through a very different lense.

  10. 10

    But there are cultural barbaric practices. There are honor killings. It was probably an imprudent move, but that is not racist. There are cultural practices that are carried over here, and they are barbaric. Drowning your daughter because she was dating, or brutally beating your daughter to death because she chooses to become a Christian, is evil. It’s not a judgment about a particular race; it’s a judgment about a cultural mentality that is contrary to the basic principles of jurisprudence. But some people don’t care. The Koran supersedes the rule of law in the west.

    The only reason it was an imprudent move is that people make unfounded inferences, as you clearly illustrate.

  11. 11
    mushafta Says:

    Francesco please!!

    Barbaric cultural practices – please!
    Harper bringing this up a few weeks prior to the election was racist. Nothing less to accompany the niqab issue which at that point was showing him right up there in the Quebec polls.

    Absolutely racist against one group! Nothing less than racist!

    You should know better!

  12. 12

    Francesco please!!


    Barbaric cultural practices – please!

    Please what? Pass the salt? Or, they are not barbaric? Or they don’t happen here?

    Harper bringing this up a few weeks prior to the election was racist.

    No, it was just a strategy to get seats in Quebec. It was imprudent, but just as dishonest as Trudeau’s false tolerance.

    Absolutely racist against one group! Nothing less than racist!

    Definition: “Racism”: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

    Islam is international, as is Catholicism. There is no Muslim race.

    You should know better!

    You are an adolescent.

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