The 7% solution


Elections Canada told us that 7% more Canadians voted this election.

There were record numbers at advanced polls.

It was one of Canada’s finest hours.

Stephen Harper said it wasn’t about him.

It was only about him.

The electorate watched and decided the young, vigorous, positive, hopeful and open Justin Trudeau was the horse to bet on. It was not really an anti-NDP vote. At the door many canvassers were told. “I usually vote NDP but Harper must go and Trudeau has the momentum”. Not that Mulcair’s’bad move to the mushy middle helped but Harper had to go. His crass manipulative and divisive styyle had finally run its course.

Canadians finally  twigged in after two federal elections which split the vote  that this PM was one of the most cynical operators ever to hold the office in Canadian history. History shows that it takes two elections before people can peek behind the curtain and see exactly what is going on. such is life under the advanced capitalism of bread and circuses. As T.S. Eliot said, “diverted from diversion by diversion.”

Young Trudeau said it on election night: “Canada is back “–after nine years of international embarrassment and domestic heartlessness which played on fear and paranoia, Canadians rose up and said loud and clear: This is not who we are.

Daily papers were fuill of such obvious relief:

Here’s a few:

It was an exorcism, pure and simple. I anticipate a return to a kinder, gentler Canada.
Jonathan O’Mara, Whitby

Finally, once again, I can feel proud about putting a Canadian flag on my backpack.
David Klarer, Oakville

Congratulations Canada. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Well done.
Lyn and Jim Gower, Courtice

At last, the reign of terror is ended.
Michael Edwards, Bloomfield

Maybe as Harper said, “the people are never wrong.”
When I woke up this morning I felt a lot more Canadian than I have for the last decade. And now that we have Justin and Sophie, who needs William and Kate?
Wayne C. Vance, Toronto
His heartless response to Syrian refugees (must be terrorists among them) his C-51 all power to the state, his stunning muzzling of candidates,his anal retentive absolute control  and his worship of dirty oil which made us environmental outlaws finally did him in.

The worst ploy was the stoking of islamaphobia shaming Canadian Muslims. Simply awful.

I think Mr. Harper should choose to wear the niqab today. He may not feel like showing his face in public. so said
Farah Hameed, Ajax

My personal favourite was trotting out the Ford brothers at the end. What an act of desperation. Goodbye Etobicoke seats.

This was a man who actually believed we were a pale imitation of Republican values. Turns out he had been living in houston north for far too long. In his pathetic swan song he mentioned that he and his wife came into public life to defend conservative values—then mentioned lower taxes! This is the best he could come up with.What a majesdtic vision of what Canda is ! —the old Mike Harris booswa of “more money in your pocket,” the private affluence and public squalor death rattle was shocking to hear from a national leader.

The 7% said, enough, you must leave.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    I was ready to jump on the first train with the momentum as the only thing left was to stop Harper.

    Fair Elections Act
    Christmas in July

    Campaign run by kids and gimmicks. Harper is a dud with brains. Took Canadians far too long to see through this piece of fraud.

    Bringing in an Australian racist to run his campaign at the end.. No wonder it backfired. But these Neanderthals are still hanging around- mostly in Alberta.

    Elizabeth May should get the Environment ministry- well deserved honour for her.

    The Socratic solution for the likes of Harper, Oliver, Kenny and those other zombies. Let them drink hemlock tea if they left the economy in ruins.

    Ohh and I hope Duffy’s lawyer gets to out Harper on the stand. He lied about the Duffy affair. Mulcair was right. It didn’t add up!

  2. 2

    Come on mushafta, you expect me to believe that someone other than Ted wrote the above? You must think we are complete idiots–that’s a given. Nobody I know, other than Ted, is so intellectually immature as to write such adolescent, emotionally charged but intellectually empty nonsense as what’s written above.

    You, Ted, are the Team and Cheerleader in one.

    You get all your information from the newspaper, and the problem there is that you confuse trust (faith, belief) with knowledge.

    Keep on cheering for Ted, Ted.

  3. 3
    mushafta Says:

    Why thank you Francesco!
    Greatly appreciated!
    Keep coming back!
    We need you here!

  4. 4
    mushafta Says:

    Ted, we need more posts on Harper and these dead beat Conservatives please!

    Let the party begin! They’ve already started to condemn their founder and uniting leader who muzzled and bullied every elected member! The dictator who knew everything!

    Let the party begin Ted! Let’s talk about Netanyahu – Harper’s closest friend who will no longer be getting our unilateral support for his atrocities against the Palestinians.

    Maybe some very interesting things will now come out about this secretive government that ruled in a fascist manner for ten years!

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