Female prophet Haneen Zoabi


Israeli Palestinian MK Haneen Zoabi is a female prophet in Israel. Like the biblical prophets, she dares to speak truth to power and Israelis deep in their bubble of denial. totally severed by that ugly wall from Palestinian life, can not bear to hear her. Death threats abide for this courageous woman. They include a Facebook group which put a bull’s-eye right above her forehead.
Speaking to a progressive Dutch Jewish group on the anniversary of Kristilnacht, Zoabi dove right in:
“I am not an immigrant in my homeland, I am “one of 120,000 of her people who were not expelled by Israel in 1948,” Zoabi — born in Nazareth in 1969 — lashed the Jewish state for creating “more than 80 laws” that discriminate against Palestinians.

The Israeli rules, said Zoabi, are similar to the conditions under which Jews lived at the time of the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom in Germany.

Standing just meters from the former site of a centuries-old Jewish orphanage decimated during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, she drew parallels between Hitler’s genocide against the Jews and current Israeli policy against Palestinians and Israeli-Arabs.


“I share their struggle,” said Zoabi of Jewish victims of the Kristallnacht, or “Night of Broken Glass” pogrom, now seen as a turning point leading up to the Shoah.

“The central lesson of the Crystal Night has not been learned,” said Zoabi during her 15-minute speech, delivered in English. Accusing Israel of “ethnic cleansing” modeled on Nazism, she denounced half a dozen Israeli officials by name for what she referred to as recent efforts to “justify the use of violence toward Palestinians.
“It is okay to kill Arabs, I have actually done so several times,” Zoabi quoted Minister of Education Naftali Bennett as one example of the Jewish state perpetrating Nazi-like policies against Palestinians.

Event organizers who invited Zoabi have been commemorating Kristallnacht in Amsterdam since the early 1990s, but the fringe group, largely Jewish, only began equating the Nazi genocide with Israeli policy in 2010.

Zoabi told the Times of Israel:

“It is very important to commemorate Kristallnacht. I stand up for freedom, dignity and human rights. Kristallnacht was an important stage on the way to the demonization of Jews. If the majority of the Germans and the rest of the Europeans had not demonized the Jews, there would have been no Holocaust. For me, the silence of the majority an important role. Not everyone agreed, but they kept their mouths shut in the face of demonization of the Jews.

What is Zoabi’s crime? She does not shut up. She simply rejects Israeli’s monopoly of suffering; she dared to link racial hatred of 1938 to the prevalent racism in Israel today. This act of imagination drives the israelis crazy. She dares to point out the similarities of Israeli legislation to laws promulgated by the Nazis.

Zoabi links the victimization of European Jews by the Nazis to the suffering of Palestinians under Occupation.  Zionists insist they have a monopoly on suffering and the world’s sympathy and exploit the Holocaust regularly for this purpose.  Having a Palestinian probe the issue and point out both the flaws in the argument and the implications racial hatred may have in today’s Israel-Palestine conflict is simply maddening.
“I’m used to it, that I am accused of being anti-Semite or Hamas supporter. The fact is that I stand up for the Palestinian people. This makes many Israelis, and apparently others angry. That is the real reason for the sedition against my person. For Israelis, the Palestinians have no right to resist. After all, they find that there is no occupation of Palestinian territory. In their eyes, the Palestinians do not suffer humiliation, arrests, land grabbing and so on. Israel is in total denial of the occupation, the harassment of Palestinians, of crimes against humanity. If you demonstrate against it, you’re supposedly agitating. They even have a problem with Europeans supporting the Palestinians, who they seek to prevent entering the country. Israel is the one who incites against the truth.  Every critical European voice it silences by calling it anti-Semitic. ”


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    mushafta Says:

    And Netanyahu is along Obama for $5Billion for his defence. More than likely to get between the usual $3 to $5B and much of this will be directed against Palestine.

    How do we educate the Americans?

  2. 2

    Pierre Dulaine, World Champion Ballroom dancer knows how to educate both the Arabs and the Palestinians. See the trailer to his great documentary:

    Writing one sided articles, yelling, silly blogs, etc., don’t accomplish a thing. It’s real efforts like this that break the walls erected between Arab and Jewish children. Dancing will heal this culture.

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