Tory robots come to life

Do Conservatives take voters for fools?:
Apparently they do. Bob Hepburn of the The Star made the following statement in his Nov.15 column
When they were in power, Conservative cabinet ministers were the loudest cheerleaders for Stephen Harper’s nastiest and most controversial decisions and policies.

Harper’s ugly Republican policies were widely scorned by Canadians and as we know all the true believers signed on as the sheep they were.

None of them dared stand up to the Commissar who ruled by diktak making all the decisions. What a pathetic crew.

Imagine agreeing never to attend an all candidates meeting in a democratic country.

But they happily drank the Koolaid.

but that was then…and this is now

Hepburn writes:

Suddenly, though, these same ministers today are backpedalling as fast as they can from the very policies and practices that they championed during the Harper era
Some of them are so pathetic in their efforts to distance themselves from disgraced Harper policies that they are verging on the excuse uttered by junior military officers of “just following orders.”

Where were these ministers over the last nine years? Were they that afraid of Harper, who ruled with an iron fist?


And now they have elected the Ayn Rand devotee Rona Ambrose, a disaster as environment minister as their leader and happy to relate, she is now all for a public inquiry into the missing aboriginal women

Wow,what a conversion!


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    mushafta Says:

    You got it right Ted! 100 per cent!
    And here’s the interim opposition leader who can barely speak a word of French! Too bad for our friends in Quebec. Maybe that’s why they have Lebelle as her deputy who can barely speak a word of English!

    Trained seals is what they were and now the born againers are still taking orders from the base.

    A pro lifer who wants to bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age! That’s consistency! And stop all these refugees who may well be terrorists!
    These gold diggers need to reset their moral values not their tone meter.

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