Liberals: bad on Israel

Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week voted against the six resolutions condemning Israel which were passed by the General Assembly, The UN General Assembly passed the six resolutions, all of which condemned Israel.


Really condemning Israel?

Why would the General Assembly condemn Israel? This is a mystery—to everybody who has not paid attention to almost 70 years of a cruel occupation.

Right now PM Trudeau is simply following the political Liberal brain trust which warns him against offending any Canadian Jews who have never visited the West Bank or Gaza under siege much less walked in the weary shoes of a Palestinian.

Liberal advisors of course could take the moral high road and visit the Occupied Territories but that too would be a political act and we simply do not wish to get impaled on the live third rail of political correctness—do not criticize Israel.

One wonders if these wise people—throw in Thomas Mulcair and whoever is wearing Stephen Harper’s blinders in the Tory party —can ever rise above cynical politics to tell Israel it needs to come back to democracy and a modicum of justice or it will continue to descend further down the rat hole of pariahdom it now occupies in much of the world. Do not bet on it.

However, we live in hope and what a treat to read the daily edition of Haaretz and see what critical thinkers are saying about Netanyahu, the clown prince of Israeli politics whose main goal is to be the longest serving PM in israel’s history.

Former Irgun fighter, Knesset member and prolific writer Uri Avnery is still going strong at 93. This is a piece of his last column where he points out the endgame of Zionism “ to annex the West Bank and eventually drive out the Palestinian people from their homeland.”

For weeks now, Israelis have lived in a panic. For lack of a better name, it is called “the wave of terror”. Every day now, two, three, four youngsters, including 13-year old children, attack Israelis with knives or run them over with cars, and are generally shot dead on the spot. Our renowned army tries everything, including draconian reprisals against the families and collective punishment of villages, without avail.

These are individual acts, often quite spontaneous, and therefore it is well-nigh impossible to prevent them. It is not a military problem. The problem is political, psychological.

Netanyahu tries to ride this wave like Hollande and company. He cites the Holocaust (likening a 16-year old boy from Hebron to a hardened SS officer at Auschwitz) and talks endlessly about anti-Semitism.

All in order to obliterate one glaring fact: the occupation with its daily, indeed hourly and minutely, chicanery of the Palestinian population. Some government ministers don’t even hide anymore that the aim is to annex the West Bank and eventually drive out the Palestinian people from their homeland.

There is no direct connection between IS terrorism around the world and the Palestinian national struggle for statehood. But if they are not solved, in the end the problems will merge – and a far more powerful IS will unite the Muslim world, as Saladin once did, to confront us, the new Crusaders.

If I were a believer, I would whisper: God forbid.


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    mushafta Says:

    I’m rather surprised to hear this news.
    I thought Trudeau did well in the campaign and I was thrilled to see him boot Harper.

    I hope this will change!

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