Hilary Clinton and the Peleds


Hilary Clinton was once again taken to the woodshed by the brilliant Israeli writer Gideon Levy.In an article which states that “Hilary Clinton is no friend of Israel” Levy writes:

Hillary Clinton’s election as U.S. president would ensure Israel’s continued decline and degeneration. And so she is not a friend, but an enemy. She must not be allowed to deceive and present herself as a friend of Israel, as she tried so ingratiatingly to do in an article published in The Forward (“How I would reaffirm unbreakable bond with Israel — and Benjamin Netanyahu”) last week. The tear ducts were targeted as she wrote of how she assisted Magen David Adom in being accepted to the International Red Cross. But she and those like her – false friends of Israel – have been one of the curses on this country for years. Because of them, Israel can continue to act as wildly as it likes, thumbing its nose at the world and paying no price. Because of them, it can destroy itself unhindered.

It is very sad to see someone as smart as Hilary Clinton become so beholden to Jewish-American money (Haim Saban) and so terribly insensitive to Palestinian oppression in the Holy Land. Surely she must understand that if Israel is made to come to its senses as South Africa was, much of the legitimate Muslim anger toward the USA would ebb away.
Simply reading Haaretz for a month, she would understand how pathetic the far right Netanyahu government is, how despised it is by so many Israeli intellectuals.Yet she continues in her pursuit of naked power to support the indefensible.


Matti 2

Matti Peled was an israeli war hero (6 Day War) who became a great friend of the Palestinian people.They dubbed him Abu Salaam, the father of peace. Peled went on to get a doctorate in Arabic studies and saw quite clearly what was happening to Israel after stealing Palestinian land and ignoring UN resolutions: corruption.His son Miko peled is equally forceful


In a December 28,2015 article in the American Herald Tribune he wrote a stinging article mocking Israel’s oft quoted What is Israel supposed to do–we have no choice, we must go to war.

Peled’s advice:

What is a soldier supposed to do: Get the hell out of Palestinian towns, villages and neighborhoods. And, dismantle the wall and all the checkpoints on your way out. What is Israel to do with rockets from Gaza? Lift the siege on Gaza, dismantle the wall and checkpoints there, and allow the people in Gaza the freedom they deserve. What are Israelis to do? If they don’t like living in a country with an Arab majority, they can go somewhere else or deal with it, and if they chose to stay, to behave like immigrants instead of colonizers.



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    mushafta Says:

    I certainly agree with the post Ted but one wonders if the American election were to take place today it would boil down to either Trump or Clinton.
    As bad as she is, I know who I would vote for.

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    You have to find some rage deep within your bowels for the complete lack of moral thinking North Americans have to the Arab world.

    Today in the Globe and Mail a short story about the arms we are selling to Saudi Arabia. All about capitalist profit and jobs. Really? No mention of morality by these business people. And where’s the new government?
    “…business leaders in London, Ont., are standing by the company that makes the combat vehicles Canada is selling to Saudi Arabia, describing it as a pivotal component of the region’s effort to become a major hub for defence-industry manufacturing.”

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