Tair Kaminer made my Sunday


tair1Tair Kaminer, a 19-year Israeli, got a call up order – requesting her to show up at the Israeli Army Induction Center in Tel Hashomer, east of Tel Aviv, on 12pm, Sunday, January 10, 2016 .She showed up today with 40 friends to refuse her two years of obligatory military service in the army of occupation and oppression .

“They convince us that the army has nothing to do with politics, but serving in the army is a political decision. Military jail frightens me less than our society losing its humanity.”
Quite a young woman. She had seen enough of trauma induced in young Palestinian children by Israel’s constant bombardment of the world’s largest open air prison.She had worked with these kids and was sickened by what her country was doing: She had  recently finished a year of national service with the Israeli Scouts (“Tzofim”) in the southern development town of Sderot where  she ministered to the young victims.
“The children I worked with grew up in the heart of the conflict and have had extremely difficult experiences from a young age, experiences that caused them to feel hatred, which can be understood, especially when it comes from young children.

“Like them, many children who grow up in Gaza or in the West Bank, in an even more difficult environment, learn to hate the other side,” she continues. “They, too, cannot be blamed. When I look at all of these children, and the next generation on both sides and the reality in which they grow up, I see only more trauma and pain. And I say enough! That is why I refuse: so that I do not take an active part in the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the injustices that the Palestinian people face under occupation, so that I do not I will be going to jail.
For years now there’s no political horizon, no peace process anywhere in sight. There’s no attempt of any kind to bring peace to Gaza or to Sderot. As long as the violent military way holds sway, we will simply have further generations growing up with a heritage of hate, which will only make things even worse. We must stop this – now!
This is why I am refusing: I will not take an active part in the occupation of the Palestinian Territories and in the injustice to the Palestinian people that is perpetrated again and again under this occupation. I will not take part in the cycle of hatred in Gaza and Sderot.



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    mushafta Says:

    Beautiful story! Absolutely beautiful!
    There is something wonderful about the David and Goliath story in the bible, and this mirrors some of that. We need to hear more of these great stories which offer hope and encouragement!

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