Another Stupor Bowl


Once again I boycotted the Stupor Bowl absolutely irrelevant to my life and to most people on the planet. Who won? Who cares? But hyped all over Canada and USA, the idol capitol of the world. Capitalism generates many idols and celebrity is one of them. Overall in Canada we seem to have a laidback attitude to a lot of the nonsense. Last night I went to my local movie house and the coach of the NBA Raptors walked out after the film Nobody recognized him and he went his merry way. I am sure he loved it.

My friend Bob a former athletic director at university told me he goes down to the old Maple Leaf Gardens where among other things there is a basketball court. And there you can watch every week Canada’s number 1 university team the Ryerson Rams. Bob told me he was down last week and they had a full house 1,000 spectators. Really, that many!

Now that’s my type of country! In the USA people would be shocked at such low numbers. We have found better things to do with our time than make idols of college athletes. Most US “colleges’ are fresh water joints where the football, basketball coach makes more than the President. So much for the priorities of universities.

Now the Stupor bowl with the cheapest ticket at $2500.
Ads cost about $4.5 million for 30 seconds to hype stuff you don’t really need.

I liked what Kutter Callaway of Fuller Theological Seminarywrote “The NFL is, in a real sense, our civic religion. It has Sunday worship services, mid-week Thursday celebrations, patron saints (Hall of Famers), and a liturgical calendar that begins with the NFL draft (in April) and ends with the Super Bowl (in February).”


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    mushafta Says:

    Well said Ted! Few seem to be aware of the mission creep of this kind of fanaticism. Take a look at the optics of a well known Canadian Cardinal donning a Maple Leaf sweater. Is there any kind of public prophetic biblical scrutiny by this optic? No! Go ahead young Catholics and worship this idolatry!

    Paying athletes millions of dollars for an hour’s work on the job doesn’t fit the paradigm of Pope Francis who denounces capitalism and calls it exactly what it is.. The dung of the devil! Nothing but greed and avarice to which we as Christians are NOT called!

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