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Free Trip to Israel!

February 28, 2016


They tried “greenwashing” Didn’t work. One of the worst countries for ecological seriousness.


They tried “pink washing”.Forget the Occupation.Tel Aviv  loves the gay culture.


All diversions to the elephant in the room.It’s the Occupation stupid.It is the unrelenting oppression and humiliation of the Palestinian people.


Now, let’s get a piece of the celbrity culture. Hope that actors are deaf and dumb as to what is really going on in this country.Give them a freebie and hope they gush over Israel.


In the end you simply cannot separate the  beauty,the topography, geography and history of Israel from the morass  it has created for itself.


Tourism is down.People are leaving. 50,000 Israelis now live in Germany.


Do the right thing.Live up to the high ethical ideals of Judaism and all will be well. Stop the silly promotions. Only one thing counts.Chaim Weizmann said it.Einstein averred it.


Israel will be judged in the end by the way it treats its indigenous people.


Not so good.