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Be out of Israel!

March 31, 2016


Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said on March 26 that many non-Jews should be forbidden from living in the Land of Israel according to Jewish law. Thanks to Haaretz for exposing this lunacy.

Yes, you heard it right.

This is what passes for intelligent rabbinic thought among too many rabbis. And Yosef is the chief Sephardic rabbi!

“According to Jewish law, it’s forbidden for a non-Jew to live in the Land of Israel – unless he has accepted the seven Noachide laws.” f he’s not willing to accept one of them, [which is] not to commit suicide, if he’s not willing to accept this, you send him to Saudi Arabia,” Yosef continued, apparently referring to suicide attackers.

The seven Noachide laws include prohibitions on idolatry, blasphemy, murder, illicit sexual relations, stealing and eating the limb of a living animal, plus a positive commandment to establish court systems.

Be out Palestinians

“If our hands were strong, if we had governing power, then non-Jews shouldn’t live in the Land of Israel,” Yosef added. “But our hands aren’t strong. We’re awaiting our righteous Messiah, who will be the true and complete redemption, and then they’ll do this.” The reason some non-Jews are allowed to live in Israel, Yosef continued, is to serve the Jewish population. “Who will be the servers? Who will be our assistants? Therefore, we leave them here in the land,” he said.

Two weeks ago, Yosef sparked a storm when he used his weekly lecture to discuss the recent wave of Palestinian stabbing attacks.

“If someone is coming with a knife – it’s a commandment to kill him,” Yosef said. “If someone is coming to kill you, kill him first. Don’t start being afraid of all kinds of … that they’ll make a court case against you afterward, or that some [Israel Defense Forces] chief of staff will come and say something different.”

“This also deters them,” he added. “The moment a terrorist knows that if he comes with a knife, he won’t return alive, this will deter them. Therefore, it’s a commandment to kill him.”

In that lecture, Yosef was responding to remarks made by IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot said,” I don’t want a soldier to empty a clip into a girl with a pair of scissors.”

Several Knesset members from the Likud and Habayit Hayehudi parties criticized Eisenkot for that statement. Haaretz


Jewish National Fund exposed

March 29, 2016


The Israeli army expelled Heidar Abu Ghosh from his hometown of Imwas, the biblical Emmaus in 1967. It was subsequently demolished along with two other vilages, and covered over by “Canada Park”. Heidar is touring Canada to uncover this crime for Canadians, and suggesting a path towards justice and peace.

Tonite at 7 PM – 10 PM
College Street United Church
454 College Street, at Bathitrst

All proceeds will go towards the campaign to challenge the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund of Canada (JNF Canada). JNF Canada is responsible for using tax-deductible donations to cover over the ruins of depopulated and demolished Palestinian villages, erasing them from space and consciousness.

Tyler Levitan of Independent Jewish Voices ( exposes the hypocrisy of Canada allowing tax free charitable status to the Jewish National Fund

“Our aim is to expose the JNF to the broader Canadian public, since as Canadians, were all implicated in the activities of the JNF by virtue of the fact that the JNF’s branch in Canada has charitable status with the CRA. We are therefore subsidizing the very unethical and illegal activities of this organization.

“The JNF Canada’s flagship project is called ‘Canada Park’, and it sits over the ruins of the Palestinian villages of Yalu, Imwas and Deir Ayub, as well as on the lands of Beit Nuba. All of these villages were depopulated and demolished by the Israeli military in direct contravention of international law. Our reputation as Canadians is tarnished by the existence of this park on the ruins of people’s homes.”

“Our ‘Expose the JNF’ campaign has three primary objectives:

1. To expose the JNF’s activities to Jewish and other Canadians through raising awareness about the issue.
2. To expose the hypocrisy of the Harper government and the Canada Revenue Agency in defunding, auditing and even criminalizing organizations that go against the destructive political agenda of the Conservatives, while singling out for exemption the JNF Canada.

3. To have the Canada Revenue Agency determine that the JNF Canada’s activities are not charitable under Canadian law, and that their registered status should therefore be revoked.”
The JNF Canada should lose its charitable status because its funds go towards the institutional discrimination of Palestinians at the hands of the JNF in Israel and Occupied Palestine. As Canadians, we should not be subsidizing the JNF’s projects, that aim to dispossess the native inhabitants of the land—the Palestinians—and to cover up the displacement of Palestinian villages with forests and Jewish-only settlements.

The JNF’s mandate is to reserve land for the exclusive use and benefit of Jews in Israel, even though 20% of Israel’s citizenry is made up of Palestinians. The JNF owns 13% of the land in Israel and controls an additional 80%. Palestinians are barred from leasing or purchasing the JNF’s lands, on the sole basis of their ethnic and religious background. It is illegal in Canada to restrict the ownership of land to one ethnic or religious group. The JNF Canada’s activities violate the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines for what is considered charitable, in addition to contravening Canadian public policy and numerous conventions under international law.”

Ecumenical Good Friday Walk

March 26, 2016


And so today as we walk, we journey together with Jesus,

enacting a hope that can be for all people,

that had, and still has, the power to confront the myriad forces of death,

and overcome them, in all their forms

moving beyond the brokenness of our world

toward abundant life for all.

This year’s walk through the streets of Toronto was one of the best yet.The theme was Water and the whole day was capped off as usual at Holy Trinity Anglican Church with a marvellous sermon by Jennifer Henry of KAIROS CANADA.


Who lives the pain of Good Friday in our time? Communities of Pimicikamak /Cross Lake, Syria, South Sudan, Kashechewan

Where do we hear the cries? Taste the thirst for justice? Refugees fleeing, women sexually assaulted, black lives ignored, Indigenous girls missing…

Where do we see the wounds? Melting permafrost, fracked earth, tailings ponds, tanker spills…

Where is the pain of Good Friday felt? Where can we touch the wounds? Everywhere…Everywhere…

Our beautiful world—the land and air and waters—is Christ’s aching body, Jesus’ wounded flesh. Violated, crucified every day. We close our eyes, our ears. We wash our hands of it. We walk by on the other side. Or, in a brutal realization, we find ourselves complicit in the wounding.

Water is the blood that flows through this wounded body, this aching earth. The rivers that connect us, parts of the body, are the veins that carry the life blood to creatures, to peoples. Water is life, interconnected, flowing, nurturing all created beings. Water is sacred bond. Dispersed light in water droplets is the rainbow, the Creator’s inter-species, inter-generational covenant with us. But water is also our vulnerability, our inequities, our risk, our danger. When it is polluted, cut off from eco-systems, diverted, compromised, commodified, it is so quickly depletion, desertification, degradation, death. Bleeding dry…

There are women, you know, who can see what we are doing to the Body. Women who are binding up the bleeding wounds. Women who are tending to this aching world–with fierce love. Women who are caretakers of the water running through the earth’s veins: Great Lakes water walker, Indigenous Elder, Josephine Mandamin; Cochabamba Bolivian water activist Marcela Olivera, and Berta–Berta Cáceres who lost her life in her commitment to protect precious waters, waters in Honduras vulnerable from corporate damming. There are women tending to the waters, protecting the waters, caring for the wounds in the Body.

They know. She knew. Water is connectedness, relationship—to beaver and sage, to owl and otter, to trout and neighbour. It links us back to the original goodness of Creation. And watersheds, embedded in watersheds, connect us across the whole globe. Water teaches us permeability. Our watersheds literally flow through our bodies, so that what we do to that water, we do to ourselves.

On this day of separation and loss, of alienation and pain, let us confess our disconnection from this holy Body of Christ, our dislocation from whole Earth community, our disowning of our place in the Creator’s web of life. We paved and polluted paradise rather than immersing ourselves in our watersheds. We warred with God’s creatures rather than living as relatives. We violated our neighbours, original custodians of the earth and waters, rather than living in respect of First Peoples whose teachings are instructive to us all.

But do you know? We are a forgiven people. God’s spirit is free among us

Can you feel it? We who are part of the problem can be part of the solution. (see Rita Wong in Undercurrents. Gibsons, BC: Nightwood Editions, 2015).

Can you see it? Redemption is rehydration. Healing waters are regeneration.

(see Ched Myers

Can you hear it? The rushing waters that flow down as justice, the everflowing fountain of living waters.
The Easter promise is not for complacency, but for collaboration.

At his baptism, Christ submerged himself in the waters, immersed himself in his watershed, as he claimed his radical ministry of transformation. We are invited to go also: go to the waters to take the equality temperature of our world; go to the waters in our lament for the violence and destruction of our earth; go to the waters for repentance, including for our sins against the world’s First Peoples; go to waters to spill our tears for those whose lives were lost protecting them; go to the waters for blessing in our work of justice and in our commitment to transformation; go to the waters for connection, for wholeness, for oneness with creation, with one another and with our wounded healer, the crucified, and yet resurrected, Body of our God.

Good Friday

March 25, 2016

The crucifixion of Jesus  continues today.

The evidence is all around us.

In too many Christian churches, Good Friday is sentimentalized and  the purpose  of the day is to focus on the awful suffering of crucifixion, what happened to the Jewish rebel who stood on behalf of humanity in a brutal empire.

But the crucifixion goes on.The last two centuries  almost makes one believe Freud’s comment that homo lupus homini, man is but a wolf to man. The killing fields of two world wars, mass murders under Stalin, Hitler and Turkey can drive us to despair. But we know of course this is not the final word.

Resurrection is the answer and it too is all around us. We rise again.

So the Protestant hymn, no cross, no crown holds the two in tension. The Paschal mystery is one, Good Friday and Easter.

For 36 years many of us have ben engaged in an ecumenical walk on this holy day.

Here is this year’s effort:

flyer b&w 2




The stunned Liberal minister

March 24, 2016


Somebody needs to help Navdeep Bains the Minister of Innovation in the new Liberal government. This Canadian cabinet minister seemingly has no grasp of history.He had the utter stupidity at the White House State dinner on March 11 to have his picture taken with Henry Kissinger and then he proudly tweeted “an honour to meet Henry Kissinger at the State Dept luncheon.” Some honour. Some cabinet minister.

This sent citizen Matthew Behrens into overdrive and he started a petition demanding that Bains apologize to the many victims of Kissinger’s manifold crimes. A fine summary of Kissinger’s criminal service of the American empire was summed up on the Intercept (

Many consider him an amoral egotist who enabled dictators, extended the Vietnam War, laid the path to the Khmer Rouge killing fields, stage-managed a genocide in East Timor, overthrew the democratically elected left-wing government in Chile, and encouraged Nixon to wiretap his political adversaries.

Behrens is one of the finest public citizens in this country who unlike the hapless Bains, actually studied history and has a long memory. He asks Bains:

Why is it “an honour” to meet a man with the blood of millions on his hands? Would it be an honour for you to take a selfie with Kissinger-supported dictators like Pinochet, Suharto, Hussein, or the Shah of Iran? Where do you draw the line?

Why is it “an honour” to sit with a man who, in 1969, encouraged mass slaughter of Cambodian people with the order, “Anything that flies over anything that moves?” A former Khmer Rouge official described how the survivors “froze up and they would wander around mute for three or four days. Terrified and half-crazy, the people were ready to believe what they were told… That was what made it so easy for the Khmer Rouge to win the people over.”

Kissinger is a war criminal, and if you are unfamiliar with his history, do a quick search and realize how insulting you have proven yourself to the millions of victims of torture, genocide, and carpet bombing this man is responsible for. The fact that he has not been charged does not mean he is somehow innocent of this criminality; rather, it shows that we live in a world where the most powerful, especially if they come from the so-called “West,” are never held accountable by the laws they are supposed to uphold.

So far Behrens has garnered 348 signatures

His petition is found at

The Grovel continues at AIPAC

March 21, 2016

The 2016 AIPAC Policy Conference got started yesterday with Hilary Clinton’s utterly despicable grovel to the formidable Israel lobby group. Clinton has long been in the pocket of Jewish American billionaire Haim Saban’s whose famous quote—as an American! is : “I have but one issue: Israel. “ Saban is among the worst of the those who espouse “cheque book Judaism’ substituting the the State Israel as the new deity and throwing millions at it with nary a mention of the shocking decades of humiliation and occupation.

So Clinton like the Republican idolaters joins the drumbeat of total support for Israel—no matter what. The rest of these pretenders for high office have also come to AIPAC on bended knee to pledge their eternal fealty to Israel. All except the lone Jew, Bernie Sanders.How’s that for irony?
Clinton is fanatical on the BDS movement linking it to anti-Semitism. how pathetic is that and how weird today the US giving $4 billion to such a developed country. More and more people are smelling a rat.
Ari Wohlfeiler is one of them.

Obviously a “self hating Jew”, Wohlfeiler is the deputy-director of the Jewish Voice for Peace a prophetic lobby group for real Jewish values and justice for Palestinians. He writes about AIPAC’s “sorry track record which has “peddled Islamophobic and racist stereotypes for literally decades. It is fundamental to how they’ve built power and influence. It’s who they are.
Wohlfeiler continues:
“You probably know that many of Trump’s most appalling policy suggestions for the US are already law in Israel, celebrated and protected fiercely by AIPAC. Israel already refuses to open its doors to refugees — Syrian, Ethiopian, or Palestinian; allows privileged immigration status for one religious group over others, is building highly militarized walls on all of its borders, and has elected and re-elected a demagogue leader who wins votes with blatant appeals to racism.
And over and over, Jewish communal organizations have co-signed on that racism by ignoring, or just plain silencing, criticism of AIPAC’s demonization of Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians in order to secure unconditional U.S. support and military aid for Israel.
But there are rays of hope. Even as some pro-Israel Jewish “leaders” try to muzzle them, intersectional movements are also rising — for Black lives, for economic justice, for Palestinians. From the halls of Chicago to the streets of Phoenix, people are standing up and speaking out. And it is that power that can beat back the dangerous slide that’s happening in this country and Israel.
Back to Clinton. The Israeli writer and prophet (my designation) Gideon Levy gets right to the point about Clinton
Hillary Clinton’s election as U.S. president would ensure Israel’s continued decline and degeneration. And so she is not a friend, but an enemy. She must not be allowed to deceive and present herself as a friend of Israel, …She and those like her – false friends of Israel – have been one of the curses on this country for years. Because of them, Israel can continue to act as wildly as it likes, thumbing its nose at the world and paying no price. Because of them, it can destroy itself


Whether Clinton believes what she wrote or simply wanted once again to sell her soul for a fistful of dollars from Haim Saban and other Jewish donors, the result is extremely embarrassing. A love letter to Israel, the likes of which no U.S. statesman would ever write to another country. Americans believe “Israel is more than a country – it’s a dream,” she states. Most of the world calls it a nightmare, yet Clinton says a dream. What dream exactly? The dream of tyrannical control over another people? Racism? Nationalism? The killing of women and children in Gaza?

Truth to Power: Jesus was no bomber

March 20, 2016

Matt Behrens, surely one of the great and insistent justice advocates in the Toronto area reminds us in NOW Magazine of a very gutsy Canadian who at the height of the Vietnam War told it like it was right to Richard Nixon’s face.

Carole Addesso (nee Feraci), a Cabbagetwoner sang in the bland Ray Connif’s hit making machine in the 60s and 70s. In January of 1972 as the bombs were falling on the Vietnamese people—over 1.5 million civilians would be killed —Feraci stepped out of line at the White House dinner and held up a sign which read STOP THE KILLING.

Now this was an unpaid gig and Addesso had initially turned it down with some logic “I didn’t want to sing for a man who’s killing people. But after thinking about it, I thought I should go and say something.”

As the singers in elegant gowns filed onto the stage, Addesso pulled a handwritten banner from her dress that read “Stop the Killing.”


She then said: “Mr. President, stop the bombing of human beings, animals and vegetation. You go to church on Sunday and pray to Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ were in this room tonight, you would not dare to drop another bomb. Bless the Berrigans and Daniel Ellsberg,” Addesso added, referring to two Catholic priests then in jail for destroying draft records and the whistle-blower who leaked the Pentagon Papers, the Edward Snowden of his day.

Behrens called Addesso now living in California and she rewminisced :

“I looked at him the whole time. Nixon was sitting there with a frozen smile, and he never bloody moved a muscle.”In the audience were well known war boosters Bob Hope,Norman Vincent peale ,the fascist chralers Lindbreg and the preacher who blessed all wars Billy Graham. addesso didn’t give a damn.

After the first song, Conniff apologized to the audience, saying to Nixon, “I guess I’ll have to make sure from now on that my singers listen to your speeches. They don’t seem to know what’s going on.”

It was Conniff of course who had no clue of the moral madness going on.

As cries of “Throw the bum out” filled the room, Martha Mitchell, the wife of U.S. attorney general John Mitchell, shouted out that Addesso should be torn “limb from limb.” Conniff asked Addesso to leave, and with typical Canadian politeness, she replied, “Certainly.”

She was taken downstairs to a room where secret service personnel, White House counsel John Dean and chief of staff H.R. Haldeman were waiting for her.

“Dean and Haldeman were just freaking out, and they kept saying, ‘It’s an incident, it’s an incident! We have to be careful how we handle this,’” she laughs. Both men would soon be facing their own questioning over -illegal actions in the Watergate scandal.

“Then they started questioning me. Is there [mental] illness in the family? Did I plan to kill the president? All kinds of dumb shit. I told them, ‘You didn’t hear a word I said.’”

The interrogation eventually ended and they called her a cab, even though that went against White House protocol.
“I was very calm throughout,” Addesso says. “I knew what I wanted to say, and nothing was going to stop me. I would do whatever I could to stop the war.”

Addesso became the subject of almost daily conversation at the White House, as we know since the release of the Nixon tapes.
“For the next three months, every day when they had their Oval Office meetings I was talked about. What is she doing? Is she going to sue us? They were worried I would start an even bigger problem.”

She found herself the target of the FBI and was constantly hounded by the press. Job offers dried up, and when she faced deportation to Canada, she received calls from the era’s leading civil rights lawyers, including Mark Lane and William Kunstler of Chicago 7 fame.

Today 45 years later Addesso has no regrets.

And why should she?

Joe Biden really loves Israel

March 18, 2016

US veep Joe Biden’ visited Israel last week and made it clear just how far Israel and holocaust guilt has permeated America. His meeting with Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu was beyond embarrassing.


“When we get together, our key staffs have heart attacks,”. I guess they fawn over each other. Joe seems to be stuck in a 50s time warp always going overboard to show Bibi how he loves Israel and Jews. Then Joe utters this banal,cliché ridden bromide: “Get over it, it’s the Jewish state of Israel.’ Maybe unlike another democracy the USA where people are citizens beyond their ethnicity or religion.Or is America “the Christian state of the USA”?

Joe has yet to twig to the obvious fact that a state is the state of its citizens not the state of one particular group. There is no Israeli citizenship. Either you are “Jewish” or a second class citizen. That’s what democracy entails.

In 1948 Israel refused to recognize an Israeli nationality making an unusual distinction between “citizenship” and “nationality.” Jewish nationality trumps the citizenship rights of non-Jews, currently one-fifth of the population. This of course privileges Jews. Quite a democracy. Although all Israelis qualify as “citizens of Israel,” the state is defined as belonging to the “Jewish nation,” meaning not only the 5.6 million Israeli Jews but also more than seven million Jews in the diaspora.

In 2013 Uzi Ornan, a retired linguistics professor, headed a campaign for israeli nationality (which lost in the Supreme Court).He said: “It is absurd that Israel, which recognizes dozens of different nationalities, refuses to recognize the one nationality it is supposed to represent.”

When Israelis travel their passports say “Israeli” but at home in the Population Registry, they are registered as “Jews.”

But as Joe Biden assures us “Get over it, it’s the Jewish state of Israel.”

And by the way, Joe really loves Israel.

Ari Shavit, false prophet pt.2

March 16, 2016

Ari Shavit does not much like Breaking the Silence, the brave Israeli soldiers who speak out about Palestinian humiliation in the Occupied Territories. For over a decade 1000 soldiers have spoken publicly about the IDF’s crude behaviour and what really bothers Shavit is they communicate in English! This embarrasses the only democracy in the Middle East.
Shavit for his part, tours American Jewish communities, particularlycampuses, putting lipstick on the pig of Occuypation. The young for obvious reasons are not buying it, bailing out of kneejerk support for Israel’s flagrant human right’s abuse. In an era of Facebook, cell phones and minicams, the king has become naked.

Avner Gvaryahu tours in many of the same communities as Shavit as a member of Breaking the Silence. He served in the IDF as a sergeant in the Paratroopers Brigade from 2004 – 2007. Presently he is working in his MA in New York. He writes
Shavit wrote that he understands our motivation to discuss the reality in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) but “doesn’t like” the fact that we talk about the occupation in English.”
Gvaryahu knows first hand the gap between Jews in Israel and the diaspora over the Occupation. Well, Shavit a first rate Zionist propagandist simply wished that Gvaryahu would shut up about this. It’s bad for Israel! It’s washing dirty laundry in public.

Now Shavit has a solution. Establishing a “Jewish Peace Corps” as a way to improve Israel’s image (“Only a ‘Jewish Peace Corps’ Can Save Zionism From Its Millennial Crisis” he wrote. That should solve the problem.

Levy 30
Gideon Levy the Israeli columnist ridiculed the age old Israeli propagnda trick in these words:

Israel seems to think that what worked well in its society and succeeded in almost totally wiping out all consciousness and awareness, will work just as well in the rest of the world. That the brainwashing campaign that was such a dazzling success here will be just as effective abroad – it’s all just a matter of “hasbara,” the Israeli euphemism for propaganda – and of budgets, of course. Just give them enough funding and hasbara tools and they’ll explain to the world how wrong it is and how right the state of the Jews, who have no other country. A convention in Las Vegas, some brainstorming in Jerusalem, and the world will change its attitude.

Gvaryahu answered Shavit in Haaretz. The article should have been called You gotta be kidding! He wrote:


Instead of tackling the problem itself, instead of stating loud and clear that we must fight to end occupation for the sake of this country’s future and the future of its relationship with world Jewry, Shavit wants to send Jews to Yerucham, Ukraine and Cambodia on behalf of Israeli “hasbara.” In this sense, Shavit is essentially trying to mask the occupation. But millions of Palestinians deprived of rights are not going to disappear, and no number of diversions can help. For Israel to be “identified with human rights, social justice, environmental activism and the effort to make the world a better place,” it actually needs to embody these values, not just pretend to.

Ari Shavit, false prophet part 1

March 15, 2016

As Israel descends into its final implosion as a colonial apartheid state, naked before the whole world, one well known Israeli writer continues to be flagged by Israel-Firsters in the diaspora as “the writer to go to” to understand Israel and Zionism.

Ari Shavit’s book My Promised Land was a best seller and Shavit still has a regular column in Israel’s best paper Haaretz.

Before I read his book I ran into the worst piece of intellectual dishonesty on the whole issue of Israel’s mass murder in the summer of 2014, Operation Protective Edge. This one sided massacre was savagery beyond belief, an utterly disproportionate and indiscriminate slaughter of innocents—89 whole families wiped out, 520 women and children killed,1500 children orphaned, 25 schools destroyed and 20% of Gaza turned into rubble.


The UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Dr, Joanne McNally wrote a letter to the International Criminal Court reminding it of its obligation to prevent the genocide of the Palestinian People.In New York City 300 holocaust survivors and descendants accused Israel of genocide.The Pulitzer Prize journalist Chris Hedges spoke for many:


God weeps because the failure to condemn Israeli war crimes by our political establishment and our compliant media betrays the memory of those killed in other genocides, from the Holocaust to Cambodia to Rwanda to Bosnia. God weeps because we have failed to learn the fundamental lesson of the Holocaust, which is not that Jews are unique or eternal victims, but that when you have the capacity to stop genocide, and you do not, you are culpable.
Shavit appeared to be on another planet. He keeps repeating and Americans follow with this dishonest rationale: Israel has a right to defend itself.

With a straight face he compared the pathetic “rockets” (”enhanced fireworks” as Norman Finkelstein calls them. These are hopelessly inaccurate and unguided with with a .8 chance of accuracy.) Shavit actually had the gall to compare these to Israel’s sophisticated guided missiles.

Wow, in the West people were impressed by these 3,356 rockets which Shavit wrote about.

Now I do not accept that Israeli citizens should be terrified by any rockets. They are really a pathetic Hamas response to the shocking, unconscionable bombardment and terror of Israel’s attack on a defenceless population.

he Gaza Strip is 139 square miles of land, with 1.8 million people. It is densely populated and there is no escape. it is indeed a prison with no exits. T\

Back to those “rockets.”

How accurate? 3 civilian , count them, 3 civilian casualties,. 3 % actually reached civilian areas and caused little damage.

He actually writes

We should not be confused. Israel was and remains in the right in this awful war. Hamas is a fascist organization, which attacked the neighboring democracy without justification, in a criminal attempt to kill Israeli citizens o there’s no room for moral comparison between the two entities – one of them is moral and enlightened, the other tyrannical and murderous.

This man is one pathetic apologist for mass murder.

In a previous assault, either 2010 or 2012 Shavit actually wrote for US consumption.

What would Americans do if rockets were fired into Manhattan?

Where is the context here? There is none. What is missing is 60 years of Palestinian frustration and occupation with no right to defend itself. Who could take such a comparison seriously?

Americans, that’s who.


Next post: Israeli soldier pans Shavit