The penny hasn’t dropped in Israel


The Electronic Intifada reports that Israelis have not yet wakened from their fantasy that if only the right packaging was applied to the occupation people might understand.This goes hand in hand with Gideon Levy’s remark that Israelis are the most brainwashed people on earth…right from the lies told all through the education system, fortified by time in the army up to  propaganda sheets handed out free  on major streets. They still don’t get it and diaspora Jews in major organizations simply are hanging on to baseless propaganda.


Simply, it’s the Occupation stupid. In a wired world you cannot hide the shocking fact of Palestinian humiliation and oppression. Young American and Canadian Jews are rapidly distancing themselves from officialdom.

This is  from the Electronic Intifada

Aslide published by NRG from a secret Israeli government conference on how to market Israel abroad.

Participants were also given ideas on language choices that are supposedly more successful at discrediting the BDS movement.
For instance, a slide presented at the conference instructed the propagandists to calls BDS activists “anti-Israel” rather than “anti-Semitic.”
The recommendation not to try to smear all supporters of Palestinian rights as anti-Semitic echoes the findings of other major anti-Palestinian organizations in recent years.
In 2012, for example, The David Project, an Israel lobby group that works to suppress support for Palestinian rights on North American campuses, found that efforts to portray universities as hotbeds of anti-Semitism were not working.
“Campus is largely not a hostile environment for Jewish students,” the group found.

“Casting the issue [of criticism of Israel] as campus hostility to Jews, therefore, does not jive with the lived experience of most Jewish students and has not to date significantly altered the dynamic on campus,” The David Project stated.
Yet despite such advice, Israel and many of its advocates still often insist that opposition to Israel’s violence against Palestinians is driven by hatred of Jews.
The flailing around for a message that will work reflects confusion among Israel’s marketers.
Hasbara chiefs still appear to be convinced that the problem is not the product – brutally enforced occupation, war crimes and state-sanctioned racism – but simply the packaging.
Yet despite spending tens of millions of dollars on propaganda, Israel’s image continues to slide.
At least one participant was not convinced that the new buzzwords would make any difference.
The participant, described by The Jerusalem Post as a person who worked with advocacy and Jewish organizations, called the new language recommendations “same old, same old.”
“I’m not optimistic. Our track record is weak. The penny still hasn’t quite dropped in Israel,” the participant added.
It may also be because the carrot approach – trying to seduce young people to Israel’s side – is failing so badly, that the Israel-led anti-Palestinian movement is relying ever more heavily on the stick: bullying and censorship in the hope of intimidating people into silence.


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    mushafta Says:

    This kind of stuff never hits the front pages of the national newspapers. Nor the Canadian Catholic press releases.

    Amazing how determined Israel is to keep a tight hold on university influence. You have to wonder where all this is leading.

    One thing I do know is that Canadian Palestinians are talking and they are tweeting. Israel cannot control the social media.

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