Gratitude from Palestine

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
Marcel Proust

So writes the professor from the Occupied Territories.

I am so grateful for all that is happening in resistance to the incredible odds and repression practiced by the elites in power. While some may get activism or compassion “fatigue” , there are literally millions of people deciding to leave their apathy behind and put their hands with other people to work.  Our tiny little small part of the world (Palestine now an apartheid state called a “Jewish state”) has become a major center of global activism. This centrality can be due to many factors:


Religous centrality to three main religions, one of which was hijacked for political purposes locally in the past (Christianity –> Crusaderism), the other hijacked in the past 150 years and is still strongly hijacked (Judaism –>Zionism) and the other more recently and in nearby areas beginning to be hijacked (Islam –> Isis and Wahhabism).

2. Nowhere else on earth is Western government hypocrisy more evident than in Palestine. While the western leaders speak of democracy and human rights, they support an apartheid racist “Jewish state” that engaged and engages in racism, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing (so far 7 million of us Palestinians are refugees or displaced people).

Thus, this is the Achilles heel of Western propaganda.

3. The 12 million Palestinians in the world, most refugees and others squeezed into bantustans have been remarkably peaceful and tolerant and had a long history of popular resistance for the past 130 years that provided a stellar example to the world (see my 2012 book “Popular Resistance in

4. Israeli citizens and the global community are increasingly joining hands with us to demand justice as the only road to peace.

5. More and more people realize that peace in the “Middle East” (Western Asia) and around the world is dependent on peace for Palestine. Zionism with its (sometimes dominant, sometimes subservient) twin US imperialism are and have been most destructive forces in causing global conflict.

But what really gives us optimism daily are the people we interact with.
Students at the universities who see the importance of knowledge (power) and come to school with enthusiasm even in the face of suppression of their movement. Farmers that work hard in their fields even as land and water are being taken from them by the occupiers. Unarmed young demonstrators showing bravery in challenging the heavily armed Israeli forces (who occasionally murder them). Thousands of political prisoners and “administrative detainees” who resist the prisoners (one on hunger strike is close to death). Activists who sometimes sacrifice comforts to be with us.
Organizers of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activities around the world who refuse to be silenced by illegal measures their governments try to impose on them to suppress free speech.


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    mushafta Says:

    This is another very educational post!
    Isis has hijacked Islam and few people have much comprehension of Zionism as the extreme form of Judaism and its militant occupation of Palestine. More and more these posts serve to educate the masses and believe me it ain’t happenin’ in the modern media. Worse still, most don’t care.

    Zionism must be compared to Isis. It may not be as dramatic but its results are the same. Israel is deliberately attempting genocide for the sole purpose of grabbing more land.

    Education is the key. Western people need to be educated on Zionism. Where in our school curricula do we see anything on Zionism?

    Lots of Chustians flock to Israel to visit the Holy Land. How many would enter Syria to visit land occupied by Isis?

    Isis and Zionism need to be highlighted. They are indeed the same.

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