Ari Shavit, false prophet part 1

As Israel descends into its final implosion as a colonial apartheid state, naked before the whole world, one well known Israeli writer continues to be flagged by Israel-Firsters in the diaspora as “the writer to go to” to understand Israel and Zionism.

Ari Shavit’s book My Promised Land was a best seller and Shavit still has a regular column in Israel’s best paper Haaretz.

Before I read his book I ran into the worst piece of intellectual dishonesty on the whole issue of Israel’s mass murder in the summer of 2014, Operation Protective Edge. This one sided massacre was savagery beyond belief, an utterly disproportionate and indiscriminate slaughter of innocents—89 whole families wiped out, 520 women and children killed,1500 children orphaned, 25 schools destroyed and 20% of Gaza turned into rubble.


The UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Dr, Joanne McNally wrote a letter to the International Criminal Court reminding it of its obligation to prevent the genocide of the Palestinian People.In New York City 300 holocaust survivors and descendants accused Israel of genocide.The Pulitzer Prize journalist Chris Hedges spoke for many:


God weeps because the failure to condemn Israeli war crimes by our political establishment and our compliant media betrays the memory of those killed in other genocides, from the Holocaust to Cambodia to Rwanda to Bosnia. God weeps because we have failed to learn the fundamental lesson of the Holocaust, which is not that Jews are unique or eternal victims, but that when you have the capacity to stop genocide, and you do not, you are culpable.
Shavit appeared to be on another planet. He keeps repeating and Americans follow with this dishonest rationale: Israel has a right to defend itself.

With a straight face he compared the pathetic “rockets” (”enhanced fireworks” as Norman Finkelstein calls them. These are hopelessly inaccurate and unguided with with a .8 chance of accuracy.) Shavit actually had the gall to compare these to Israel’s sophisticated guided missiles.

Wow, in the West people were impressed by these 3,356 rockets which Shavit wrote about.

Now I do not accept that Israeli citizens should be terrified by any rockets. They are really a pathetic Hamas response to the shocking, unconscionable bombardment and terror of Israel’s attack on a defenceless population.

he Gaza Strip is 139 square miles of land, with 1.8 million people. It is densely populated and there is no escape. it is indeed a prison with no exits. T\

Back to those “rockets.”

How accurate? 3 civilian , count them, 3 civilian casualties,. 3 % actually reached civilian areas and caused little damage.

He actually writes

We should not be confused. Israel was and remains in the right in this awful war. Hamas is a fascist organization, which attacked the neighboring democracy without justification, in a criminal attempt to kill Israeli citizens o there’s no room for moral comparison between the two entities – one of them is moral and enlightened, the other tyrannical and murderous.

This man is one pathetic apologist for mass murder.

In a previous assault, either 2010 or 2012 Shavit actually wrote for US consumption.

What would Americans do if rockets were fired into Manhattan?

Where is the context here? There is none. What is missing is 60 years of Palestinian frustration and occupation with no right to defend itself. Who could take such a comparison seriously?

Americans, that’s who.


Next post: Israeli soldier pans Shavit

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    mushafta Says:

    I recall vividly the news at the time. I remember saying to myself “Our Canadian government has surely seen for itself how utterly wrong it was to not accuse Israel of any wrongdoing as it did before.”

    Wow! How naïve and dumb I was! Harper came out with the same old lines! “Israel has the right to defend itself!”

    And when I talked to evangelist pastors visiting Israel they had their lines memorized!
    “It’s not black and white.” “There are two sides to this story.”

    It’s quite earth shaking to know the extent of the Jewish lobby and it’s far reaching influence.

    But talk to the Palestinians and you get the truth. It is the story of a giant bully kicking the living day lights out of an innocent harmless kid.

    And now that Harper is gonzo you get the distinct feeling that the powers that be are doing a great number on the Trudeau government. Time will tell!

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