Joe Biden really loves Israel

US veep Joe Biden’ visited Israel last week and made it clear just how far Israel and holocaust guilt has permeated America. His meeting with Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu was beyond embarrassing.


“When we get together, our key staffs have heart attacks,”. I guess they fawn over each other. Joe seems to be stuck in a 50s time warp always going overboard to show Bibi how he loves Israel and Jews. Then Joe utters this banal,cliché ridden bromide: “Get over it, it’s the Jewish state of Israel.’ Maybe unlike another democracy the USA where people are citizens beyond their ethnicity or religion.Or is America “the Christian state of the USA”?

Joe has yet to twig to the obvious fact that a state is the state of its citizens not the state of one particular group. There is no Israeli citizenship. Either you are “Jewish” or a second class citizen. That’s what democracy entails.

In 1948 Israel refused to recognize an Israeli nationality making an unusual distinction between “citizenship” and “nationality.” Jewish nationality trumps the citizenship rights of non-Jews, currently one-fifth of the population. This of course privileges Jews. Quite a democracy. Although all Israelis qualify as “citizens of Israel,” the state is defined as belonging to the “Jewish nation,” meaning not only the 5.6 million Israeli Jews but also more than seven million Jews in the diaspora.

In 2013 Uzi Ornan, a retired linguistics professor, headed a campaign for israeli nationality (which lost in the Supreme Court).He said: “It is absurd that Israel, which recognizes dozens of different nationalities, refuses to recognize the one nationality it is supposed to represent.”

When Israelis travel their passports say “Israeli” but at home in the Population Registry, they are registered as “Jews.”

But as Joe Biden assures us “Get over it, it’s the Jewish state of Israel.”

And by the way, Joe really loves Israel.


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