The Grovel continues at AIPAC

The 2016 AIPAC Policy Conference got started yesterday with Hilary Clinton’s utterly despicable grovel to the formidable Israel lobby group. Clinton has long been in the pocket of Jewish American billionaire Haim Saban’s whose famous quote—as an American! is : “I have but one issue: Israel. “ Saban is among the worst of the those who espouse “cheque book Judaism’ substituting the the State Israel as the new deity and throwing millions at it with nary a mention of the shocking decades of humiliation and occupation.

So Clinton like the Republican idolaters joins the drumbeat of total support for Israel—no matter what. The rest of these pretenders for high office have also come to AIPAC on bended knee to pledge their eternal fealty to Israel. All except the lone Jew, Bernie Sanders.How’s that for irony?
Clinton is fanatical on the BDS movement linking it to anti-Semitism. how pathetic is that and how weird today the US giving $4 billion to such a developed country. More and more people are smelling a rat.
Ari Wohlfeiler is one of them.

Obviously a “self hating Jew”, Wohlfeiler is the deputy-director of the Jewish Voice for Peace a prophetic lobby group for real Jewish values and justice for Palestinians. He writes about AIPAC’s “sorry track record which has “peddled Islamophobic and racist stereotypes for literally decades. It is fundamental to how they’ve built power and influence. It’s who they are.
Wohlfeiler continues:
“You probably know that many of Trump’s most appalling policy suggestions for the US are already law in Israel, celebrated and protected fiercely by AIPAC. Israel already refuses to open its doors to refugees — Syrian, Ethiopian, or Palestinian; allows privileged immigration status for one religious group over others, is building highly militarized walls on all of its borders, and has elected and re-elected a demagogue leader who wins votes with blatant appeals to racism.
And over and over, Jewish communal organizations have co-signed on that racism by ignoring, or just plain silencing, criticism of AIPAC’s demonization of Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians in order to secure unconditional U.S. support and military aid for Israel.
But there are rays of hope. Even as some pro-Israel Jewish “leaders” try to muzzle them, intersectional movements are also rising — for Black lives, for economic justice, for Palestinians. From the halls of Chicago to the streets of Phoenix, people are standing up and speaking out. And it is that power that can beat back the dangerous slide that’s happening in this country and Israel.
Back to Clinton. The Israeli writer and prophet (my designation) Gideon Levy gets right to the point about Clinton
Hillary Clinton’s election as U.S. president would ensure Israel’s continued decline and degeneration. And so she is not a friend, but an enemy. She must not be allowed to deceive and present herself as a friend of Israel, …She and those like her – false friends of Israel – have been one of the curses on this country for years. Because of them, Israel can continue to act as wildly as it likes, thumbing its nose at the world and paying no price. Because of them, it can destroy itself


Whether Clinton believes what she wrote or simply wanted once again to sell her soul for a fistful of dollars from Haim Saban and other Jewish donors, the result is extremely embarrassing. A love letter to Israel, the likes of which no U.S. statesman would ever write to another country. Americans believe “Israel is more than a country – it’s a dream,” she states. Most of the world calls it a nightmare, yet Clinton says a dream. What dream exactly? The dream of tyrannical control over another people? Racism? Nationalism? The killing of women and children in Gaza?



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Apart from Sanders, where is there a clear voice on anything coming out of political America? It’s a nightmare. The worse nightmare being Trump and second best being Clinton- and it’s an either or.

    Regrettably Bernie is too far back at this point and it’s unlikely the Republicans can stop Trump, except for a minor miracle.

    The American political scene couldn’t get much worse and it’s all about massive amounts of capitalist money.

    Clinton criticized Obama for being neutral on Israel. He was way out of his comfort zone to be neutral. But at least he tried.

    The media and the churches have failed to get the Palestinian issue into the world spotlight.
    So the net result is that Israel can do no wrong.
    We all know about the zealotry of the Jewish lobby groups and their effectiveness. So it’s a no brainer.

    We need a miracle!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    So it looks like a lot of Catholic Republicans are now endorsing Cruz. Interesting!
    And take a look at what the official rules within the American Catholic Church state. And yet Francis can get right in Trump’s face telling him he’s not even a Christian to be building walls keeping out Mexicans and refugees.

    National Catholic Reporter today…

    More than 50 conservative Catholic activists and political leaders have come out in support of Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz in an effort to shore up Catholic backing for Cruz as an alternative to Donald Trump.
    Among them is a priest from South Carolina who may be skirting the edges of his own church’s policies against clerics becoming involved in politics.

    Trump is currently leading the three-man GOP field and has drawn strong primary support from Catholic voters despite his controversial rhetoric and past stands on key issues like abortion rights, which he once supported.

    The Catholics endorsing Cruz, led by Princeton professor Robert George and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, cited Cruz’s opposition to abortion and gay marriage and his advocacy of religious freedom as the reasons for their support.

    “No one has been stronger than Ted in standing up for religious liberty and other fundamental constitutional freedoms,” said George in a statement posted March 18 on Cruz’s website. “He will foster a culture, from the top down, that honors the Constitution — the one thing that, despite our differences, binds us all together as Americans.”

    Attention, Seattle! NCR on Tap is coming to your city April 5. Join editor Dennis Coday and others for an evening of food, drinks and good conversation about the church. Learn more.
    While Trump was not mentioned by name in the endorsement, George and some of the other signers have also been leading the charge against the New York real estate magnate.

    Several of them were among dozens of Catholics who signed an appeal earlier this month in National Review that said while they understood Trump’s appeal for some Catholics, he was “manifestly unfit to be president of the United States.”

    Related: Dear Catholics: Stop Trump, says National Review appeal

    That was before Sen. Marco Rubio, who many Catholic conservatives were backing, dropped out of the race following a drubbing by Trump in his home state of Florida.

    Cruz, a senator from Texas, is the son of Cuban immigrants but he is a Southern Baptist, not a Roman Catholic. His father, Rafael Cruz, was born Catholic but became a born-again Christian in the 1970s and is known for his fiery preaching.

    One of the Cruz endorsements comes from Msgr. Ed Lofton, pastor at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Summerville, S.C., and official chaplain of the Knights of Columbus of South Carolina.

    “I am very pleased to give my personal endorsement to Ted Cruz for President of the United States,” Lofton said in the statement.

    “The Church must not be silent as the nation chooses the leaders who will shape its future. I am personally working for the election of Ted Cruz, and I urge fellow Catholics to join me in giving Ted Cruz our support and our votes.”

    But Deacon Greg Kandra, a blogger at the Catholic news site Aleteia, wrote that he was “a little surprised to see such a vocal and enthusiastic endorsement of a candidate by a Catholic priest.”

    Kandra noted that the Catholic Church has strict guidelines against clerics holding office or taking “an active part in political parties.”

    He also pointed to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops policies stating that church organizations and their representatives should “not endorse or oppose candidates, political parties, or groups of candidates, or take any action that reasonably could be construed as endorsement or opposition.”

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