The stunned Liberal minister


Somebody needs to help Navdeep Bains the Minister of Innovation in the new Liberal government. This Canadian cabinet minister seemingly has no grasp of history.He had the utter stupidity at the White House State dinner on March 11 to have his picture taken with Henry Kissinger and then he proudly tweeted “an honour to meet Henry Kissinger at the State Dept luncheon.” Some honour. Some cabinet minister.

This sent citizen Matthew Behrens into overdrive and he started a petition demanding that Bains apologize to the many victims of Kissinger’s manifold crimes. A fine summary of Kissinger’s criminal service of the American empire was summed up on the Intercept (

Many consider him an amoral egotist who enabled dictators, extended the Vietnam War, laid the path to the Khmer Rouge killing fields, stage-managed a genocide in East Timor, overthrew the democratically elected left-wing government in Chile, and encouraged Nixon to wiretap his political adversaries.

Behrens is one of the finest public citizens in this country who unlike the hapless Bains, actually studied history and has a long memory. He asks Bains:

Why is it “an honour” to meet a man with the blood of millions on his hands? Would it be an honour for you to take a selfie with Kissinger-supported dictators like Pinochet, Suharto, Hussein, or the Shah of Iran? Where do you draw the line?

Why is it “an honour” to sit with a man who, in 1969, encouraged mass slaughter of Cambodian people with the order, “Anything that flies over anything that moves?” A former Khmer Rouge official described how the survivors “froze up and they would wander around mute for three or four days. Terrified and half-crazy, the people were ready to believe what they were told… That was what made it so easy for the Khmer Rouge to win the people over.”

Kissinger is a war criminal, and if you are unfamiliar with his history, do a quick search and realize how insulting you have proven yourself to the millions of victims of torture, genocide, and carpet bombing this man is responsible for. The fact that he has not been charged does not mean he is somehow innocent of this criminality; rather, it shows that we live in a world where the most powerful, especially if they come from the so-called “West,” are never held accountable by the laws they are supposed to uphold.

So far Behrens has garnered 348 signatures

His petition is found at


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    mushafta Says:

    Is this what the military produces?

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