Good Friday

The crucifixion of Jesus  continues today.

The evidence is all around us.

In too many Christian churches, Good Friday is sentimentalized and  the purpose  of the day is to focus on the awful suffering of crucifixion, what happened to the Jewish rebel who stood on behalf of humanity in a brutal empire.

But the crucifixion goes on.The last two centuries  almost makes one believe Freud’s comment that homo lupus homini, man is but a wolf to man. The killing fields of two world wars, mass murders under Stalin, Hitler and Turkey can drive us to despair. But we know of course this is not the final word.

Resurrection is the answer and it too is all around us. We rise again.

So the Protestant hymn, no cross, no crown holds the two in tension. The Paschal mystery is one, Good Friday and Easter.

For 36 years many of us have ben engaged in an ecumenical walk on this holy day.

Here is this year’s effort:

flyer b&w 2





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