Jewish National Fund exposed


The Israeli army expelled Heidar Abu Ghosh from his hometown of Imwas, the biblical Emmaus in 1967. It was subsequently demolished along with two other vilages, and covered over by “Canada Park”. Heidar is touring Canada to uncover this crime for Canadians, and suggesting a path towards justice and peace.

Tonite at 7 PM – 10 PM
College Street United Church
454 College Street, at Bathitrst

All proceeds will go towards the campaign to challenge the charitable status of the Jewish National Fund of Canada (JNF Canada). JNF Canada is responsible for using tax-deductible donations to cover over the ruins of depopulated and demolished Palestinian villages, erasing them from space and consciousness.

Tyler Levitan of Independent Jewish Voices ( exposes the hypocrisy of Canada allowing tax free charitable status to the Jewish National Fund

“Our aim is to expose the JNF to the broader Canadian public, since as Canadians, were all implicated in the activities of the JNF by virtue of the fact that the JNF’s branch in Canada has charitable status with the CRA. We are therefore subsidizing the very unethical and illegal activities of this organization.

“The JNF Canada’s flagship project is called ‘Canada Park’, and it sits over the ruins of the Palestinian villages of Yalu, Imwas and Deir Ayub, as well as on the lands of Beit Nuba. All of these villages were depopulated and demolished by the Israeli military in direct contravention of international law. Our reputation as Canadians is tarnished by the existence of this park on the ruins of people’s homes.”

“Our ‘Expose the JNF’ campaign has three primary objectives:

1. To expose the JNF’s activities to Jewish and other Canadians through raising awareness about the issue.
2. To expose the hypocrisy of the Harper government and the Canada Revenue Agency in defunding, auditing and even criminalizing organizations that go against the destructive political agenda of the Conservatives, while singling out for exemption the JNF Canada.

3. To have the Canada Revenue Agency determine that the JNF Canada’s activities are not charitable under Canadian law, and that their registered status should therefore be revoked.”
The JNF Canada should lose its charitable status because its funds go towards the institutional discrimination of Palestinians at the hands of the JNF in Israel and Occupied Palestine. As Canadians, we should not be subsidizing the JNF’s projects, that aim to dispossess the native inhabitants of the land—the Palestinians—and to cover up the displacement of Palestinian villages with forests and Jewish-only settlements.

The JNF’s mandate is to reserve land for the exclusive use and benefit of Jews in Israel, even though 20% of Israel’s citizenry is made up of Palestinians. The JNF owns 13% of the land in Israel and controls an additional 80%. Palestinians are barred from leasing or purchasing the JNF’s lands, on the sole basis of their ethnic and religious background. It is illegal in Canada to restrict the ownership of land to one ethnic or religious group. The JNF Canada’s activities violate the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines for what is considered charitable, in addition to contravening Canadian public policy and numerous conventions under international law.”


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    mushafta Says:

    All very true- but it’s the Trudeau 2 era we are in now. We all know the despicable antics of Harper (RIP) but the page has turned.

    Let’s focus on how effective the Jewish lobby is in Quebec and Ottawa. That’s the key.

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