If Americans knew….


Walnut Creek is a lovely community of elders near Frisco. Recently Alison Weir one of the great researchers on American collusion with Israel’s long history brutalization of the Palestinian people gave a talk in the community lecture hall. Weir’s book Against Our Better Judgment is an excellent primer on the US role in creating and still funding Israel. Weir is noted like Norman Finkelstein for her careful documentation of the said issue.Her organization If Americans Knew recently began putting up billboards on the shocking Israel attack on the USS Liberty during the 6 Day War.


As Israel more and more devolves into a racist state and as Americans are asking why they are funding to such an extent ($4 billion a year) such a developed country, an international outlier notorious for its discrimination and flagrant violations of UN resolutions.
The inevitable is happening. Zionist supporters are becoming more desperate, and more more ugly.
Many American Jews are also waking up to the fact of the “slow motion genocide”(Pappé) of more land for Israel with less Palestinians on it which has been going on under the radar for years. Recently on April 1 Birthright the organization which for decades has indoctrinated young American Jews into the one-sided Israeli narrative by giving free trips to Israel(but never to Gaza or the West bank) announced it was pulling out.Birthright CEO Gidi Mark explained, “Given the rightward, and frankly racist, turn in Israel we could no longer conduct a trip that would present the country in the most flattering light. We determined that in order to build support for Israel, young people are best off leaving it to their imagination.”
According to Weir’s website (http://www.ifamericansknew.org) the Walnut Creek Police Department had phoned Weir ahead of time, concerned over a hate attack posted online a few weeks before the lecture inciting people to disrupt the talk. Similarly, the Walnut Creek Parks and Recreation Department had received phone calls from Israel partisans saying they were planning a protest. They were true to their word.
Stand With Us (SWU) is a well-funded international Israel propaganda organization with adherents throughout the United States passed out flyers and took seats in front of MS weir ready to sabotage the event.. 

As expected, these Israel partisans then carried out their plan to try to sabotage the event. They partially succeeded.and then at the end she received a standing ovation from the audience.


After one of the disrupters – a prominent Israel partisan named Helen Loewenstein – had been removed and used an obscene epithet outside the room, Loewenstein hit an audience member who was videoing her behavior with an iPad. Since this assault occurred right in front of several police officers, the police took Loewenstein away in handcuffs, all caught on video.

Loewenstein is a major donor to the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and member of the Sapphire Society ($5,000 membership dues), which, according to its website, is “an exclusive group of leaders helping to strengthen the homeland of Israel. The women of the Sapphire Society have raised over $50 million in 10 years.”


Weir was lauded for her patience and equanimity during the typical extreme Zionist bullying which we can expect to get worse in the days to come.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Bravo Ted for exposing this stuff.
    $4 Billion a year for defence- totally absurd annual American gift which is as much about supporting the Pentagon than it is protecting Israel. But that’s bullies helping bullies.

    I find the bigger issue to be the astounding ignorance of people (largely Christians) visiting the Holy Land and being totally disconnected from the politics of Palestine. When you talk to these naive ignorant tourists they’ll never say a bad word about Israel- totally brainwashed as to what is going on.

    What a propaganda machine!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    PM Trydeau told Americans they need to know more about the world.

    They need to know more about Israel’s relationship to Palestine:

    From 2000 to present day…

    $10.2 million per day Americans give to Israel for military aid. $0 is given to Palestine.

    6,700 Palestinians held prisoner in Israel
    0 Israeli prisoners in Palestine.

    28,000 Palestinian homes demolished by Israel.

    0 Israel homes demolished by Israel.

    Disproportionate? We better not talk about the numbers of dead Palestinians compared to Israeli. Staggering! And remember Harper’s words following the war just a few years ago?

    “A measured response! Israel has the right to defend itself.”

    Sheesh! Get a life Harper! Enjoy your retirement!

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