Israel descends

The facts are clear. An Israeli soldier, a medic no less, shot dead a young Palestinian man as he lay wounded and unable able to move. On March 24 Abdel Fattah AL Sharif was shot at a chekpoint in the largely Palestinian city of Hebron. This cowardly action, a war crime, was filmed by the human rights organization B’Tselem.
It is in the response to such shocking barbarity that we see the hope and despair that is modern Israel. In this regard we can trust the sterling newspaper Haaretz to help us understand the present-day morass and ethical disintegration in Israel.

Two regular writers help us in this regard. The first is the contemporary prophet (and I do not throw around this descriptor lightly) Gideon Levy, oft quoted in this blog. The second to be dealt with later is  Ari Shavit—and who knows there may be more.This war crime has impacted thousands.



Delirious supporters ofthe IDF soldier

Such callous disrespect for Palestinian life has been going on so long, Levy suggests that this latest act reflecting Israeli identity, the old one was problematic too, but the new one is incorrigible. It’s not a passing fancy, it’s the zeitgeist and the ortgeist, the spirit of the place, and it is patently irreversible that “ the new situation, of which the the soldier in Hebron is just one symptom, is irreversible, because there’s no one to change it.

He lists the media, the army the government, the Supreme Court…all are complicit.They are going to stop this madness? “Don’t make me laugh.” He names the the low points of Israel’s disintegration

After the orgy of 1967 came the turning point of Operation Protective Edge: In the summer of 2014, tolerance died, replaced by violence. The Zionist-religious demon genie escaped, and there’s no one to recapture it

In ages past one might have hoped for the deep universal and humanistic values of Judaism to speak publicly about such a profanation.well, don’t make me laugh.

Two weeks ago, Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said that it’s a “mitzvah” (religious commandment) to kill armed Palestinians.

Another well known Zionist rabbi and head of a Jerusalem yeshiva Uri Sherki said in January that there is an “obligation for Jews to kill terrorists before they kill us.”

In that ancient centre of Kabbala learning Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu said last October “ It is forbidden to leave a murderer alive.”

Rabbi Benzion Mutzafi a year ago when asked “Am I allowed to kick the insurgent, hit him or shoot him in order to kill him after he has been arrested or is this prohibited?”

The answer

“It is not only desirable to do so, but it is a religious duty that you hold his head down to the ground and hit him until his last breath.”

Not much hope here.

Levy is close to despair

It’s doubtful that a nation so corrupt can be brought back to the straight and narrow. A people that has lost its moral compass, even its shame, will never find them again. How would it, and why? No one even seems to be trying.

More next time.


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    mushafta Says:

    What was the tipping point at which the world took notice of Hitler and the genicidal attempt of our Jewish brothers and sisters?

    At some point the world must come to see the reality of the barbarity of Israel’s actions.

    Your posts are educating us Ted. Without awareness there can be no action.

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