Segregation in the maternity ward

Israel prides itself on its hospital system. Their “Arab” doctors, (you can never say “Palestinian”) treat Jewish patients and vice-versa. This on the surface is part of a universal Hippocratic code. Now meet the enlightened kippah wearing member of the Knesset (deputy speaker no less) Bezalel Smotrich.Real religious guy. Member of the religious Zionist party. His wife has a baby and he wants a racial segregation policy.It’s only natural, you see.

He tweets: It’s only natural my wife would not want to lie next to someone who just gave birth to a baby that might murder her baby in another 20 years,

He assures us “My wife isn’t a racist, but after giving birth, she wanted rest, not the mass parties that are common among the families of Arab women who give birth.”

You can’t make this stuff up.This pathetic racist has no shame in tweeting his despicable comments to a wider audience.
Quietly israeli hospitals are acceding to this bonehead request.

In a marriage made in heaven his wife Revital is all for this racial purity.She tells us she would never allow an Arab doctor or nurse to deliver her child, because such a “pure” and “Jewish” experience should not be “contaminated.”



Future terrorist-Palestinian baby

This latest firerstorm comes on the heels of the laughable “purity of arms” mantra Israel has paraded before a gullible world for decades. This was recently shattered by the cowardly murder by the 19 year old racist IDF soldier in Hebron. and the constant harrowing revelations of the soldiers of conscience Breaking the Silence.The IDF reflects the deep seated racism of contemporary Israel as does the stupid remarks of MK Smotrich.


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