Mulcair pays the price


Good for the Youth Wing of the NDP who four days before the NDP convention, said that the leader must be dumped, and they called for Mulcair’s sayonara.

These young people were reading the tea leaves correctly.
Looking at the numbers still rocketing upward for young Trudeau, these young uns presciently saw 8 years in the wilderness. Let’s get on with the demolition.
After the worst run campaign in NDP history when those in the bubble around Mulcair smelled victory and tilted to the mushy middle, the NDP defaulted on core principles. Like Icarus they got too close to the sun, in this case power. The smell of victory was too enticing. Amnesia set in and they forgot who they were. Pride went before the fall. It was pathetic to watch to watch the inner core of the party grasp for the gold ring. They played it safe, swore they would never run a deficit and allowed the Libs with Trudeau leading the charge to dream big. This is what the NDP was built on—vision of the common good. What a tragic miscalculation—of epic proportions. People were ready for this breakout after the dark years and meanness of Stephen Harper. And voila—Trudeau usurped the throne with bold policies which used to belong to the NDP.
This was the same mistake committed by Andrea Horvath the Ontario provincial leader lat year.  She smelled power and dis not stay true to NDP values.When will they ever learn? The party’s only hope is to stay committed to those core principles. When you don’t, people will smell dishonesty and naked ambition These two leaders got caught up in hubris. They started acting like cheap politicos pandering to what they figured voters wanted. They fell from grace and deservedly so.
Mulcair was a good performer in the House but for a guy who said in a Maclean’s profile that he was inspired by Catholic social principles, he never inspired. Particularly brutal on Israel. Is there no political party which will say the obvious. The Occupation of Palestinian land for 50 years has had terrible ramifications all over the Muslim world. All Canadian parties seem craven in front of the pro-Israel lobby. The bravest people are Canadian Jews of conscience who are saying the obvious. For the NDP to remain mute was a terrible blow for those who looked to the party for a braver stance.



Next leader—a new generation. Nathan Cullen or Megan Leslie.


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    mushafta Says:

    Say what you want about the NDP and Mumcair.. all quiet on Palestine, but they removed Harper- greatest tragedy in Canadian history.

    I’m ok with Trudeau- he has his weak spots on foreign affairs, but Hell, such a polar opposite to Harper!

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