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Racist murder in Israel

May 5, 2016


On March 24 a 19 year old Israeli medic-soldier and French citizen Elor Azarya was filmed summarily executing Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sharif an incapacitated Palestinian who lay wounded in the occupied city of Hebron where the IDF defends 600 illegal settlers in a Palestinian city of 220,000.This cowardly act flying in the face of all Hippocratic oaths that medics especially should attend the wounded, went viral. The murder was filmed by a “Jew of conscience” who worked for B’Tselem the Israeli human rights group.

Shockingly, a petition defending this sick man proliferated within a few minutes and a poll revealed that 82% of Israelis supported the execution. Rallies were held all over Israel. At a rally in Rabin Square Azarya’s mother, Oshra Azarya, who previously had written on Facebook to kill Palestinian mothers and children , broke down when she spoke of her son’s “angel eyes”.

The  mother wrote to the paper Ya’alon “I am the mother of the soldier that you sent on a mission to protect the country’s citizens and you have abandoned him. A mother who sent her son to protect the country and its citizens, and the establishment reciprocates by firing back and silencing his voice. I am the mother of the 19-year-old boy who is standing alone in front of the political and military leadership and can’t take it on.”

To bring a more sobering view on this shockingly brutal act Gideon Levy wrote on March 27:

It was murder. It was murder of the most abominable kind, the murder of a helpless human being. It was murder committed by a cowardly soldier, who shot a wounded man. The murderer’s accomplices were those colleagues of his who said “it’s no big deal” and the officers who spoke on their cellphones or occupied themselves in a thousand different ways while the wounded man lay helpless. The soldier shot him in the head and his body was left bleeding on the road.

Levy increasingly is the voice of sanity in racist Israel.  The brave Haaretz reporter spoke the truth about Israel, the great democracy’s penchant for extra judicial killings.
The momentary storm that erupted in Israel is a self-righteous one. This is exactly what the extrajudicial killings over the past months have looked like – the only difference was the B’Tselem camera. There were plenty of testimonies and evidence about these killings, but Israelis chose to close their eyes. As in previous incidents, the wounded man lying on the road was no threat to anyone – and no shrewd lawyer will be able to convince a decent judge that the soldier fired because he felt that his life was threatened.

The question raised by Levy is What has happened to us. What kind of people cheer on a murderer? A murder that required no courage, a cowardly act of the highest order, has become heroic in the eyes of the masses, simply because it ended with a dead Palestinian bleeding on the road to the sound of their rejoicing.


HEROFor this longtime observer of the country he loves as an israeli patriot,”Israeli racism has reached a new peak….Israel is probably the most racist country in the world… These are deep currents that are difficult to stop. They have settled deep in people’s hearts, the result of decades of incitement and brainwashing.”