Remembering Dan

StreetMourners on the way to the funeral

Advice to Christians:

Stay focused on the Gospel and let the rest take care of itself.

The formula has been deceptively simple; open the Bible together as a discipline of holy literacy, be attentive to the spirit of the words, see where they lead.’


A certain medical doctor who treated him for a small cyst in a New York hospital. It turned out that this doctor wanted to thank Dan because his was one of the draft cards burned in Catonsville, Maryland. ‘That action spared my life,’ he said, ‘and I used it to get a medical degree. Now I’m here to take care of you, Fr. Dan.’

The thing about Dan and Phil, unlike many pompous clerics, they never took themselves too seriously…their cause, yes, themselves, no.

Steve Kelly sj was the homilist at Dan’s funeral. He held nothing back. His opening remarks were classic. He welcomed the FBI undercivers present and advised them that they coukd now close the book on Dan!

IN  1968 at the  Philadelphia Quakers’ largest gathering, the Yearly Meeting, they invited Dan to be the keynote speaker. Lyle Tatum a recognized Quaker lerader  was chosen to introduce him. In his introduction he said that, several centuries ago, Quakers Ann Austin and Mary Fisher had walked from Northwest England to Rome to try, as Lyle said, “to convert the Pope to Christianity.” At that, Dan laughed as heartily as the rest of us. When he stepped to the microphone to speak, his first words were, “I hope you’ll keep trying.”


Banner near the altar at funeral mass.








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    mushafta Says:

    Dan Berrigan and his brother Phil can never be forgotten. Prophetic voices that only some heeded and church and government were not among them.
    An amazing mind that fully understood the stupidity of war, Dan had the courage and brains to bring a nation to the mirror and remind them of their Judaeo-Christian obligation of the biblical mandate not to kill.

    A voice with passion and an iron will that stood up to the empire. Dan Berrigan can never be forgotten.

    The monumental work Dan accomplished was all for our benefit. We must never forget this great activist, peacemaker and prophet. A Daniel come to judgement.

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