The ghost of Joe McCarthy

Shame on Tim Hudak and Mike Colle.
Suddenly a draconian bill sponsored by two grads of Catholic schools has suddenly appeared in the Ontario legislature. It will blacklist supporters of the Palestinian-led grassroots campaign for human rights, the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.


ONTTim Hudak a rabid pro-Israel backer and failed leader of the Conservative Party and Mike Colle a grad of St Michael’s College who represents many Jews in his North Toronto riding are the amnesiacs in question. Can’t believe Mike is playing politics with this justice issue.Hudak has always been a reactuionary politician.

Listen to Hudak’s nonsense: the goal of BDS is “to sponsor the de-legitimization of the state of Israel as well as to foster hatred and animosity against those of Jewish faith in support of Israel.” Wrong.

The goal is never to delegitimate Israel. It is here to stay.BDS is to bring israel to its senses by using a totally acceptable nonviolent tactic (BDS) the same one which helped South Africa on its way to a more inclusive democracy. The bill woukld have wide ramifications for those seeking government contracts.It shockingly also states that universities, pillars of free speech can not paticipate or supportt BDS.

Hello Joe McCarthy!

This genuflection to the powerful Israeli lobby was already mocked out of existence in New York state where the citizens seem to have a healthier respect for democracy and free speech.

Brian Otto lamented on the Electrionic Intifada website:

It was entirely predictable that the reply of Israel and its apologists would be that the BDS movement is “anti-semitic”. This is the lie that Israel perpetrates against anyone who criticizes their politics, their illegal occupation, their apartheid-like treatment of the Palestinians. Except Israeli Jews – or any other Jews – who criticize Israel are “self-hating” Jews. What’s astonishing is how many people buy into this crap. It’s truly a shame that the two most significant Liberal leaders in Canada – the Prime Minister, and the Premier of Ontario – are among those who peddle this mean-spirited, anti-democratic BS. Shame!

“Ashamed Canadian” wrote:
As an ashamed Canadian, rest assured: this legislation does NOT reflect the views of most Canadians. Like its counterparts in the US, this kind of legislation is pushed by the Israel lobby and corrupt, corporate-backed Zionist politicians. Politicians like to rant about the threat of terrorism, but when the wretched of the Earth practices peaceful activism, they are silenced, attacked and repressed. What is the effect of this policy? Death, destruction, and despair.

and “Eric” added

Based on its past performance, the Ontario NDP may support the bill, as a few years ago it vociferously backed a motion condemning Israeli Apartheid Week. The federal NDP also opposes BDS, though it plucked up its limited courage and voted against the recent federal BDS motion on civil liberties grounds

Frank Holden had a stroingly worded monitum
The goal of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is to get Israel’s murdering military and Israel’s settlers and settlements out of Palestine, to allow exiled Palestinians to return to their homes and towns, and to accomplish this by international economic pressure only. Anything else we hear about the BDS movement is Zionist lies. Anyone in doubt about the rights and wrongs of the Palestine-Israel conflict and why BDS exists, should research the “conflict” on line and find out for her/himself. Caution: Be prepared to find out how much your own Canadian politicians and media are lying to you. Be prepared to discover how and why. Fear not, for you will acquire so discerning an education in being a citizen of your human community that you will be very glad you’ve taken the trouble.


It will be interesting to see how much courage there is in the Ontario Legislature.


Mike Colle has been a good MPP but here his blind spot is evident.

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