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Chief Rabbi strikes out

May 23, 2016

Once the UK had chief rabbis with some deep learning and credibility. Immanuel Jakobovits and Jonathan Sacks come to mind. The present one is a dud.



Robert Cohen a British blogger pointed out how the mighty have fallen by quoting this nonsense from an article Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis penned in London’s Daily Telegraph.Zionism inter alia is :
“…a noble and integral part of Judaism”.
“…one of the axioms of Jewish belief”.
“…one can no more separate it from Judaism than separate the City of London from Great Britain.”
Zionism was such a minor part of the Jewish community until the Nazi holocaust. The early 20th century rabbinate excoriated it, saw through it as a mortal threat to Judaism. Once you sacralized land and then a state you would do anything to preserve it. We have seen the result.
In 1900 Palestine had a traditional Jewish community , the yishuv, which comprised but 5% of present day Israel. In time, Zionism a secular colonial movement with largely atheist leaders stole the land from the indigenous Palestinians.
In 1948 the Nakba occurred.
The displacement of 750,000 Palestinians from their land. The 400 Palestinian towns and villages destroyed. The four million acres of Palestinian land expropriated. The many massacres of men women and children.


Mmmm was this a part of Judaic legacy? according to the rabbi, it was kosher.
Cohen writes
For you, Zionism and its achievements are a matter of pride, a modern Jewish miracle. And those that criticize Zionism must be antisemitic.

Cohen ends up writing what many orthodox Jews of conscience are maintaining
And as the Nakba continues to this day so too does the corruption inside the soul of Judaism….After atrocity can the soul of Judaism be rescued?

One Israeli orthodox writer Gershom Gorenberg wrote Dec. 30, 2015 :
One implication of this history is that the occupation has not only corrupted the State of Israel, it has corrupted Judaism. It has become a constant defamation of God’s good name.
I wonder what the chief rabbi would say to this.