“Go to Hamas”

Poor Miriam, such a decent person. She came to Israel full of hope, did everything right then she watched the whole thing unravel. Bigoted Arab haters took over her government, men who  were racist and had lost the deep respect for humanity at the heart of Judaism. Imagine living in a country when a vicious brute like Ariel Sharon ould become your Prime Minister, then now living under Benjamin Netanyahu. She scans the landscape and cringes as her hoped-for democratic country continues its oppression of Palestinian people.

What’s a good woman to do? “Go to Hamas or Gaza” because she is apprently an Arab lover. No she is a good woman  who grants dignity to all people. She is heartsick. She writes her cri de coeur to that fine newspaper, Haaretz.Intelligent people read this paper so Miriam writes to it. Now unknown to North americans there is A rag called Israel Hayom, a free paper purchased by the American idolator of Netanyahu, the casino  magnate Sheldon Adelson. 40% of Israelis pick up this propaganda sheet and only 5% of israelis read a real paper like Haaretz. So Miriam writes. She is now 75 and still hopes for the best.


From Holocaust to rebirth to occupation

I am a Holocaust survivor, born in Belgrade in 1940, and my childhood was spent in the ghetto and in a Budapest hospital under an assumed name. My life essentially began in 1948 when I immigrated to Israel. Here my family and I built our lives with difficulty and distress, without help from the establishment although the Israeli government had committed in the Reparations Agreement to rehabilitate us. I served in the Armored Corps, studied social work, and my husband and I were among the first residents of Arad.

My children served in the army, and I never – until the past few years – felt alienated or unaffiliated with the state in which I was assured a life of freedom as a Jew. In recent years, as I get older, I have encountered people’s hatred of my views on the bus, in the grocery store and in the mall, a hatred that sometimes is expressed in remarks like, “Go to Gaza, to Hamas.” To this we must add the politicians’ use of agitation and hatred for political purposes.

In this atmosphere I feel persecuted once more. We are not victims. A people that conquers another people, a nation that has a strong army, isn’t permitted to use the Holocaust to justify its actions. Every day I feel the evil spirits wafting through the country. I feel like an unwanted outsider, and, sad to say, I’m also afraid. Maj. Gen. Yair Golan was correct. As the man responsible for all our children he had to say what he did. Hatred of the stranger, the occupation, an unwillingness to accept those with different views – these are all foundations of a fascist movement. We must stop this immediately, because if we don’t, it won’t help our leaders to use the Holocaust to stop the criticism from the free world, which will justifiably condemn these phenomena.

Miriam Handelman Bat Yam
May 23, 2016



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    What is it about Ted Schmidt? Why is he obsessed with Palestine when he could be writing about “real issues” relating to the vineyard like ISIS, assisted suicide, the death of the Catholic Church? Some kind of bozo or what? Where is his piety and moral thinking?
    I have been accused of supporting some kind of tyrant on one issue- Palestinian justice.

    Let me tell you, this is the issue. This is the focal point. This is the very center of global terrorism and injustice.

    Why? Because the suppression of what goes in there by Western media and the truth about the proper division of land has never been rectified let alone looked at.

    Ted’s voice is the prophetic and much needed Rottweiler to this injustice. Boldly and courageously he moves along, fearlessly unhindered by critiquing Cardinals and the like who would just as soon see him gone.

    Never give up this publication of truth Ted! Never be dismayed by the silence of your critics. The Church and the world needs Ted Schmidt. He is not perfect but his prophetic voice resonates with so many like myself that sees the hypocrisy of Israel, the hypocrisy of American money going to their aid, the hypocrisy of the Church paying minimal attention to the one issue that trumps all others!

    Keep firing Ted! God luv ya!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    There is good news today in the Toronto Star where France is trying to bring Israel and Palestine together to end the Israeli occupation.

    Sylvie Corbet
    PARIS—Top diplomats from around the world on Friday endorsed France’s efforts to revive long-dormant Mideast peace talks aimed at “fully ending” Israel’s half-century-old occupation of lands the Palestinians seek for their state.
    France wants to set up an international conference by the end of the year that would restart negotiations — despite slim chances of bridging wide gaps between Israelis and Palestinians.
    France has said it felt compelled to act because the opportunities for setting up a Palestinian state alongside Israel are slipping away, while the situation in the region is deteriorating.
    Israel has rebuffed the French plan, saying only direct negotiations could work. Palestinian officials said Friday the French efforts were too vague.
    Neither side was represented at the Paris gathering.
    The meeting was attended by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as well as representatives from the Arab League, the European Union and key Arab states.
    A joint statement called on the two sides to genuinely commit to the two-state solution and create conditions for “fully ending the Israeli occupation that began in 1967.”
    It said participants were “alarmed that actions on the ground, in particular continued acts of violence and ongoing settlement activity are dangerously imperiling the prospects for a two-state solution.”
    The gathering agreed to set up teams by the end of the month to work on economic and security incentives for the Israelis and Palestinians for reaching a deal, said French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.
    In his opening speech, French President François Hollande said that “our initiative aims at giving them guarantees that the peace will be solid, sustainable and under international supervision.”
    Kerry was non-committal when asked if he would support an international conference later this year, with Israelis and Palestinians attending.
    “We’re just starting, let’s get into the conversations,” he said.
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rebuffed the French initiative. Netanyahu spokesman David Keyes said Friday that “peace is not going to come through impos

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