Governor Cuomo turtles on justice


New York stands for  injustice

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has just played politics and spat in the face of democracy when in the most Jewish constituency in America, New York State he issued an executive order to push through a McCarthyite attack on a movement for Palestinian justice. Cuomo did not have the guts to go through his own legislature to pull this stunt—the same one which was rejected by the Ontario legislature. Led by MPPs Mike Colle and Tim Hudak the Ontario House rejected the banning of BDS, a tried and true nonviolent response to Israel’s consistent flouting of international law.

Robert Kennedy was the senator from New York when in 1968 he was gunned down by a Palestinian American for his blinkered approach to Palestinian rights. Kennedy was playing politics like Cuomo and  Hilary Clinton over a people’s democratic rights. Kennedy’s murder was a heinous act totally unjustified. It was  however in 1968 almost 50 years ago when Palestinian rights were invisible and kennedy needed Jewish support.  Today the world has seen through Israeli propaganda which ruled the media for far too long. Today with the advance of computer technology, hand held devices, and social media the brutal oppression, the shocking over the top bombardment of innocents in Gaza has woken people up to this festering wound of a besieged people. Yet political hacks like Clinton, Cuomo and US legislatures continue to enable Israel’s brutal occupation.


Boycotts have long been a tactic of social justice movements to bring about urgently needed change for a more just and equal society, and the movement for Palestinian rights should not be singled out.


This executive Cuomo order which will never stand up to a legal challenge shows how out of touch the political leadership is with the growing numbers of Americans who support the use of nonviolent tactics to achieve freedom and equality for Palestinians.


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    mushafta Says:

    The extent to which Israel is determined to continue its oppressive occupation knows no limits.

    The truth is out. Keep posting Ted!

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